Retreat fromTokyo Olympics and a new page

Dear Friends,

Governor Yuriko Koike has finally succeded to set up the article 100 Committee
to clarify the background of the Toyosu market issue.Together with other recent developments,
such as the surfacing of the Dentsu’s illegal labor management with its subsequent consequences,
the persitent investigation by the French prosecuters concerning Olympic corruptions.

This reminds us of the saying “Heaven’s vengeance is slow but sure”.We owe this thinking to
Chinese ancient philosopher Laozi who is considered as the principal source of Japanese maternal culture.
I often use the term “the will of heavevs and the earth”whose definition is “the law of history researched by philosophy”,
such as the inevitable fall of the arrogant,that of all dictatorships and the impossibility of immorality to last long.

It is based upon this way of thinking that I foresee the approaching retreat from the Tokyo Olympic Games 2020
being prepared totally ignoring the deterioratong situation in Fukushima and the consequent reactions from abroad such as
the following;

ENENEWS 、CLICK HERE for this week’s episode, #296、
Fukushima: a Lurking Global Catastrophe?、 

The ongoing attempt to revive militairism in some quarters has encountered a serious obstacle which is linked to the acquisition by a school corporation of national land at an exceptionally low price.It may develop into a fatal political scandal that could lead Japan to open a new page.

Please allow me to count on your understanding and support.

Mitsuhei Murata
Former Ambassador to Switzerland

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