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Wars Are Childish And Sins

September 10, 2007

Killing and wars are childish, small man’s sins, maddened and committed such trifle things as money, material things out of selfishness (sinfulness, sin=separation: out of the delusion that self is separated from others and that self can do anything against the great life system: bubble against sea).

(After some decades when humans become more rational and reasonable) wars and militarism will be judged, laughed at and criminalized as juvenile disease, grave sins.


Universal truth and ethic are one.

September 5, 2007

True and tree are cognate with their root in dhri (root of dharma)(Collageate English Dictionary gives deru as root).

Tree never lie, steal nor kill. When we sit in zen, we are like trees, not lying, stealing, killing (observing the global ethic), as in the koan of the cypress tree in the garden.

Universal truth is realized in the universal or global ethic.