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Global System Ethic Is Sole Solution

August 31, 2007

Mind-body-environment is one as a system. Misunderstanding and misconduct must fail. System truth and ethic is the sole solution (salvation, paradise and pure land). Only practice makes perfect.


Fight From Fear

August 26, 2007

Survival instinct is lined with fear. Fear for losing life causes attachment and aversion, craving and hatred, friends and foes, etc., thus creating all the problems in the world, wars, warming, wipeout of species, etc.

Wars and warring machines are therefore from fear, cowardice and weakness, not security, bravery and strength. Fearless ones live without wars and weapons.

Fear comes from small self (bubble), not from limitless life (ocean). Global truth and global ethic come from transcending small selves (individual, social, nantional, religious, political, economical, cultural).

Stopping fear and delusion can be done by stopping karma (action and action result, habit), sitting calm and clear, eventually reaching unconditioned peace (nirvana) and unsurpassed awakening (bodhi).

Human History Is Paradise-lost Story

August 20, 2007

Human history is the paradise-lost story. Selfishness is separation (sinfulness) from the original life system. Self (self-same, self-sovereign) is delusion.

Civilization (urbanization) is to obtain matter and powe, which leads to bondage, discrimination, exploitation and extermination (five calamities).

Culture (cultivation) is to attain mind and life, which aims at truth, beauty, goodness and holiness (realizing awakening, freedom, equality, love and peace: five blisses).

To solve global problematique, we must cultivate ourselves to freedom from karma to dharma, from ego to eco, from paradise-lost to paradise-attainment, from samsara to nirvana.

Practice Perfects!

August 12, 2007

When Gotama approached five former practitioners after his awakening, one of them addressed him, “Hey Gotama!” The response was: “Call me Tatha-gata (Thus-being: Being-in-Thusness), not Gotama anyomore.”

It meant that one who is awakened is beyond secular identity: family, nationality, race, religion, or anything. If we do so, we no more wage wars, damage dharmas (forms, phenomena). It all depends on our practice and prognosis!

Ultimate Weapon of Terror

August 11, 2007

Nuclear bombs are targetting you, your city at hair-triggar alert. It is madness going on by nuclear bomb holders – politicians, militarists, merchants of death, tax payers, et al, all complicit unless opposed. Nagasaki Peace Declaration at the 62nd anniversary of the 2nd A-bomb devastation called for the responsibilities of scientists, et al engaged in production of ultimate weapons of terror. Who is the holder of such weapon is described in the following article:

The Terror America Wrought

by Robert Scheer

During a week of mayhem in Iraq, in which terrorists have rightly been condemned for targeting schoolchildren, it is sobering to recall that this week is also the 62nd anniversary of a U.S. attack that deliberately took the lives of thousands of children on their way to school in the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. As noted in the Strategic Bombing Survey conducted at President Harry Truman’s request, when the bomb hit Hiroshima on April 6, 1945, “nearly all the school children … were at work in the open,” to be exploded, irradiated or incinerated in the perfect firestorm that the planners back at the University of California-run Los Alamos lab had envisioned for the bomb’s maximum psychological impact.

The terror plot worked all too well, as Hiroshima’s Mayor Tadatoshi Akiba recalled this week: “That fateful summer, 8:15 a.m. The roar of a B-29 breaks the morning calm. A parachute opens in the blue sky. Then suddenly, a flash, an enormous blast-silence-hell on Earth. The eyes of young girls watching the parachute were melted. Their faces became giant charred blisters. The skin of people seeking help dangled from their fingernails. … Others died when their eyeballs and internal organs burst from their bodies-Hiroshima was a hell where those who somehow survived envied the dead.”

Like most of the others killed by the two American bombs, neither the children nor the adults had any role in Japan’s decision to go to war, but they were picked as the target instead of an isolated but fortified military base whose antiaircraft fire posed a higher risk. The target preferred by U.S. atomic scientists-a patch in the ocean or unpopulated terrain-was rejected, because the effect of hundreds of thousands of civilians dying would be all the more dramatic.

The victims in Hiroshima and Nagasaki were available soft targets, much like the children playing in Iraq, suddenly caught in the crossfire of battles waged beyond their control. In “White Light/Black Rain,” a devastating HBO documentary released this week, there is an interview with the sole survivor of a Japanese elementary school of 620 students. The murder of the other 619, and the 370,000 overall deaths attributed to the bombings, 85 percent of which were civilian deaths, has never compelled a widespread examination of the “end justifies the means” morality of our own state-sanctioned acts of terror. Indeed, the horrifying footage taken by Japanese and American cameramen soon after the devastation, and shown in the HBO film, was long kept secret by the U.S. government for fear that an informed American public might question this nation’s incipient nuclear arms race.

Just exactly what distinguishes the United States’ use of the ever-so-cutely-named “Fat Man” and “Little Boy” atomic bombs on cities in Japan from the car bombs of Baghdad or the planes that smashed into the World Trade Center? To even raise the question, as was found in one recent university case, can be a career-ending move.

Of course, we had our justifications, as terrorists always do. Truman defended his decision to drop the atomic bombs on civilians over the objection of leading atomic scientists on the grounds that it was a necessary military action to save lives by forcing a quick Japanese surrender. He insisted on that imperative despite the objections of top military figures, including Gen. Dwight Eisenhower, who contended that the war would end quickly without dropping the bomb.

The subsequent release of formerly secret documents makes a hash of Truman’s rationalization. His White House was fully informed that the Japanese were on the verge of collapse, and their surrender was made all the more likely by the Soviets’ imminent entry into the fight.

At most, the Japanese were asking for the face-saving gesture of retaining their emperor, and even that modest demand would likely have been abandoned with the shift of massive numbers of Allied troops and firepower from the battlefront of a defeated Germany to a confrontation with its deeply wounded Asian ally. Instead, the U.S. played midwife to the birth of the nuclear monster, the ultimate terrorist weapon that presents a continuing and growing threat to the survival of human life on Earth.

This is a lesson to be pondered at a time when President Bush plays power games with a nuclear-equipped Russia while coddling Pakistan, the main proliferator of nuclear weapons to rogue regimes, and Congress authorizes an expansion of the U.S. nuclear program to better fight the war on terror by “improving” the ultimate weapon of terror, which the U.S. alone stands guilty of using.

Robert Scheer is editor of and a regular columnist for The San Francisco Chronicle.

Nagasaki A-Bomb

August 9, 2007

August 9 is the day when the 2nd A-bomb was dropped on Nagasaki, killing 75 thousand people instantly and successively in the same year (1945C.E.). Why the 2nd A-bomb was needed with the results of the 1st one on Hiroshima and previous tests? Why the 1st one even, when Japan was clearly decimated and defeated? Why was A-bomb was used, when the test results had clearly shown devastation and deployment inhumane and illeagal? Why documents of devastation were suppressed? Why neither information of it with test results nor treatment was not given, but specimen were collected? Why A-bombs were allowed? Why mass murder was allowed? Why wars are allowed?

Because it was and is simply from sheer stupidity and savagery, selfishness and sinfulness, without sensitivity and senselessness.

Why cannot we imagine others like ourselves? The Buddha said that others take their selves as dearest as we do.

Ignorant, barbaric man

August 6, 2007

August 6 is the memorial day of the first nuclear bomb used for genocide and experiment in life history (instantly claiming 70,000 – some evapolating, some gorged eyeballs and bowels, some drooping body skin, most burnt heavily and 140,000 dead in that year, doubling the number till now claiming life and agonizing internal radiation), illustrating human ignorance of egotism and barbarism of mass murder. Masses of mankind still support such anachronistic ignorance and barbarism.

The Hiroshima mayor’s appeal at its 62nd anniversary stressed on the abolition of such barbarism and ignorant submission.

My acqaintance sent me his own appeal with the document on nuclear winter, which is produced by about 300 scientists from 30 countries (SCOPE of ICSU)that 6500 megaton of nuclear bombs (5% of existing ones) would cause nuclear winter claiming 1 to 4 billion people extinct, nuclear war eventually wiping living beings from the globe with the worst environmental disaster.

Two Departures

August 6, 2007

The story of the Paradise lost of Adam and Eve in the Bible and the story of Palace renunciation of Siddharta Gotama in the Buddhism are two departures to opposite directions.

The former is the departure from Paradise to self, city, citadel, civilization and the latter is the departure from Palace to nature, truth, freedom, peace. Losing mind (busy, occupied) in karma is losing knowledge and action of Paradise. Attaing Pure Land and Dharma knows cultivation and verification of  it and the lost ones of it.

 Those not entering gardens do not know gardens, how to cultivate and appreciate them. Those entering them know how to cultivate and appeciae them and why others do not enter and enjoy them. Not knowing space and time (balanced spacing, watering, etc.), people make garden desolete or overcrowded.

Senseless of further and farther in time and space, people become irresponsible and unethical. Ignorance and ignobility are the culprit of no global ethic.