Ignorant, barbaric man

August 6 is the memorial day of the first nuclear bomb used for genocide and experiment in life history (instantly claiming 70,000 – some evapolating, some gorged eyeballs and bowels, some drooping body skin, most burnt heavily and 140,000 dead in that year, doubling the number till now claiming life and agonizing internal radiation), illustrating human ignorance of egotism and barbarism of mass murder. Masses of mankind still support such anachronistic ignorance and barbarism.

The Hiroshima mayor’s appeal at its 62nd anniversary stressed on the abolition of such barbarism and ignorant submission.

My acqaintance sent me his own appeal with the document on nuclear winter, which is produced by about 300 scientists from 30 countries (SCOPE of ICSU)that 6500 megaton of nuclear bombs (5% of existing ones) would cause nuclear winter claiming 1 to 4 billion people extinct, nuclear war eventually wiping living beings from the globe with the worst environmental disaster.

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