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Fukushima and the global environment

October 4, 2016

Dear Friends,

I am sending you an alarming information about the radioactive contamination of the Pacific Ocean.

Here is an excerpt.
“In 2014, radiation on California beaches increased by 500 percent. In response, government officials said that the radiation was coming from a mysterious “unknown” source and was nothing to worry about.
However, Fukushima is having a bigger impact than just the West coast of North America. Scientists are now saying that the Pacific Ocean is already radioactive and is currently at least 5-10 times more radioactive than when the US government dropped numerous nuclear bombs in the Pacific during and after World War II. If we don’t start talking about Fukushima soon, we could all be in for a very unpleasant surprise.”

This information convinces us once again that the most urgent task for Japan is to consecrate maximum efforts to bring Fukushima under control.Fukushima cannot be brought under control by Japan alone.I continue to send messages to some world top leaders with a view to convincing them that Fukushima is a global environment issue.

The construction of a sarcophagus is urgently needed. An underground wall to stop the flow of undergroud water should be built as soon as possible at the site to prevent contaminated water from reaching the sea.The enormous spending of the Tokyo Olympic Games 2020
should be diverted to these crucial undertakings.

The advice of Fomer Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama to abandon theToyosu fish market and decide on the honorable retreat from the Tokyo Plympic 2020 is proving wise and realistic. Its supporters are definitely increasing.It gives top priority to life,and not to economy.

Please allow me to count on your understanding and support.

With warmest regards,
Mitsuhei Murata
Former Ambassador to Switzerland







Greenpeace: ‘Extremely High’ Jump in Post-Fukushima Radioactive Chemicals

July 22, 2016
Published on

Concerns are ‘both ongoing and future threats, principally the continued releases from the Fukushima No. 1 plant itself and translocation of land-based contamination’

Waterways in the Fukushima district have hundreds of times more radiation now than before 2011, Greenpeace reports. (Photo: Matthias Lambrecht/flickr/cc)

Greenpeace Japan reported Thursday that waterways in the Fukushima district have hundreds of times more radiation now than before 2011, when the nuclear disaster that forced the evacuation of at least 160,000 people occurred.

Looking back at the past five years, the environmental group’s new report, Atomic Depths: An assessment of freshwater and marine sediment  contamination: The Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster—Five years later (pdf), finds that the hazardous chemical cesium-137 was present in the soil on the banks of the Abukuma, Niida, and Ota rivers.

“The extremely high levels of radioactivity we found along the river systems highlights the enormity and longevity of both the environmental contamination and the public health risks resulting from the Fukushima disaster,” said Ai Kashiwagi, energy campaigner at Greenpeace Japan. “These river samples were taken in areas where the Abe government is stating it is safe for people to live. But the results show there is no return to normal after this nuclear catastrophe.”

The report states:

Fukushima prefecture and neighboring prefectures have a number of major and minor river systems that flow from contaminated upland forests to coastal plains, and ultimately empty into the Pacific Ocean. These river systems, in particular the Abukuma, Naruse, Nanakita, Natori, Kuji, and Naka, as  well other smaller river systems including the Mano, Nitta, Ota, and Ukedo, have catchments of thousands of square kilometers.

“The radiological impacts of the Fukushima nuclear disaster on the marine environment, with consequences for both human and nonhuman health, are not only the first years. They are both ongoing and future threats, principally the continued releases from the Fukushima No. 1 plant itself and translocation of land-based contamination throughout Fukushima Prefecture, including upland forests, rivers, lakes and coastal estuaries,” the report continues.
“The results show there is no return to normal after this nuclear catastrophe.”
—Greenpeace Japan

Lake Biwa is a particularly contentious site, as it provides drinking water for about 14 million people in the Kansai region, the Japan Times reports.

Kansai Electric Power Co. wants to restart nuclear reactors in the nearby Fukui Prefecture, while residents in the area have been fighting to keep them shut down, the Times says.

Greenpeace states:

The lifting of evacuation orders in March 2017 for areas that remain highly contaminated is a looming human rights crisis and cannot be permitted to stand. The vast expanses of contaminated forests and freshwater systems will remain a perennial source of radioactivity for the foreseeable future, as these ecosystems cannot simply be decontaminated.

“The radiation levels in the sediment off the coast of Fukushima are low compared to land contamination, which is what we expected and consistent with other research,” said Kendra Ulrich, senior global energy campaigner at Greenpeace Japan. “The sheer size of the Pacific Ocean combined with powerful complex currents means the largest single release of radioactivity into the marine environment has led to the widespread dispersal of contamination.”

The report comes as the “much-hyped ice wall,” an underground refrigeration systemcreated to build a barrier to contaminated groundwater, is said to have “failed to stop groundwater from flowing in and mixing with highly radioactive water inside the wrecked reactor buildings.”

“The scientific community must receive all necessary support to continue their research into the impacts of this disaster,” said Ulrich. “In addition to the ongoing contamination from forests and rivers, the vast amount of radioactivity onsite at the destroyed nuclear plant remains one of the greatest nuclear threats to Fukushima coastal communities and the Pacific Ocean.”

“The hundreds of thousands of tonnes of highly contaminated water, the apparent failure of the ice wall to reduce groundwater contamination, and the unprecedented challenge of three molten reactor cores all add up to a nuclear crisis that is far from over,” she said.

Photographer Sneaks into Fukushima

July 16, 2016


Photographer Sneaks into Fukushima: “I can feel a burning sensation in my eyes and thick chemical smell”… We drove straight out — An “almost entirely lifeless” post-apocalyptic world… “IT WAS AMAZING!!!!!” — “Radiation leakage is damaging environment and life in Pacific” (PICS & VIDEO)

Posted: 15 Jul 2016 04:49 AM PDT

Sickness of the world leadership andTokyo Olympic Games

July 9, 2016

Christine Lagarde IMF専務理事によるギリシャを毎回オリンピックの
Dear Friends,

The Brexit seems to allow us to diagnose the same sickness of Japan
I made public in a book 15 years ago to the whole world.
It is the absence of three senses,namely those of ethics, responsibility and justice.
The Brexit has unexpectedly shown that the elite and the estalishment of the world are suffering from the same sickness.
The main stream of the world managed by this leadership,allowing the existence of 440 nuclear reactors,has increasingly been
required to change course.The Brexit has sawn a seed for this change.

The attached official criticism by China concerning the irresponsible coping by Japan with the consequenses of the Fukushima
nuclear accident decisively sums up the voice of the international community. The fate of the Tokyo OLympic Games 2020,
with the approaching conclusion of the French investigation of the relevent bribery issue,will soon be known.

In this connection, it is quite noteworthy that Managing Director of International Monetary Fund, Christine Lagarde, has suggested Greece to permanently host the Olympic Games,arguing that this will boost the country’s economy.
The future of the Olympic Games seems to be at stake.

Please allow me to count on your understanding and support.

With warmest regards,
Misuhei Murata
Former Japanese Ambassador to Switzerland

Attachments area

Spike in number of US sailors dying after Fukushima radiation exposure — Now over 400 veterans suffering serious illnesses

June 9, 2016


Spike in number of US sailors dying after Fukushima radiation exposure — Now over 400 veterans suffering serious illnesses — Former Japan Prime Minister breaks down crying, “This can’t be ignored any longer… The number of sick people is increasing and their symptoms are worsening” (VIDEOS)

Posted: 08 Jun 2016 04:47 AM PDT

Boss reveals 600 tons of fuel melted, can’t find it

June 3, 2016


TV: “Truly unsettling” discovery at Fukushima… problem “far greater than previously thought” — Boss reveals 600 tons of fuel melted, can’t find it — Top Official: “Nobody really knows where fuel is”… We may never be able to get it and just leave wherever — “Uncontrollable fission” is continuing under site (VIDEO)

Greg Palast: How the 2016 Election is being and will be stolen… and New Angles on Fukushima

May 29, 2016
Broadcast May 24, 2016

The Rob Kall Bottom Up Radio Show Podcast

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(image by Greg Palast)   DMCA

Greg Palast Investigative reporter, formerly with Guardian and BBC, now with Rolling Stone

Rob: Great to have you back. What are you up to

Making a movie, Best Democracy money can buy, a tale of Billionaires and Ballot Bandits.

How Katherine Harris shoplifted the election for George W. Bush– by accusing black men of being ex cons.

Of 55,000 on the list, not one was a criminal.

Hunting up billionaires all over the globe buying up

knocking off minority voters. aim– to keep the senate for Republicans

Not only Republicans are stealing elections.

NY Democratic party– Hillaryistas– shoplifted a good hunk of the vote. In this case it was the King’s county Democratic party– Brooklyn– 125,000, half the number of votes counted, were blocked. Those people filled out an affidavit, in most states called a provisional ballot. It’s really a placebo ballot. They end up throwing them away.

The US keeps a count of no-counts. After 2000 they said you have a right to a ballot, but you don’t have a right to have it counted. According to US federal statistics, about 2.5 million ballots in any national election get thrown in the garbage.

There’s also purging– usually done by the Republicans–

But something very unusual happened– it happened to White folks.

End of voting rights act, in 2013, said that places with racial bias could not not

It applied to Kings county and it was under justice dept special scrutiny and could not have happened if the act was still in effect.

Arizona was republicans practicing for November. No long lines in highly contested republican primary.

Basically the Supreme court ordered the voting cops off the beat.

We estimate that about 5.9 million votes that have been flushed down the toilet in the last few elections.

new trick, out of Kansas, is going to take away a million votes.

Trump claims people are voting multiple times.

OVer past four years there have been about 2 billion votes cast and about three people have been caught.

These claims is always an excuse to stop mostly people of color from voting.

Interstate Cross Check

Interstate crosscheck. Kris Kobach, the Katherine Harris of 2016.

He’s the guy who wrote Arizona’s “driving while brown” SB 1070 law and Justice Department filed a criminal complaint against Sherriff Joe Arpaio, because the targets mostly vote blue.

Southern POverty law center calls Kobach a racists and supporter of hate groups.

Ann Coulter said that Kolbach should be Trumps running mate.

Thought 3 people have been convicted, they say that there are 7 million suspects.

Who’s on the list

John Jackson, John Black, David Lee, Jorge Rodriguez– people with common names of color.

if you get your name on this list as a suspected voter, you get a postcard that looks like junk mail. If you don’t return the card you lose the vote.

Seven million people under criminal investigation.

Only reason your would be on that list if there’s another voter in another state with the same first and last name in a different state.

So, middle name doesn’t matter. They don’t even know it and they’re

They’re going to knock off about a million voters.

They’ve knocked off 44,000 in VA already.

The Democratic officials in VA don’t even know it’s being done.

in NC they haven’t found one of the

Elmer Cross Barnes Jr. in NC,

There was another ELmer Barnes 3rd in Georgia

He didn’t vote once, so now, he won’t be able to vote in NC

OH, VA, NC and FL will be the states that determine the election.

And AZ should be a blue state, but they have been purging dark voters.

What about Karl Rove?

he’s getting about half a billion through American Crossroads.

I know Rove. He should be in prison. He’s in charge of the Republican vote suppression machinery.

He says Trump will not only lose but take the senate down with him.

We have a person who registers Republican

Rubio, OH, Ayotte”

Rove is saying the senate is in great danger.

Crosscheck knocks off Chunk, yuen, lee and Mohammed.

Rob: Who was behind Brooklyn?

King’s county machine– one of the great democratic machines.

In Brooklyn, it’s only Democrats, so it’s always Democrats they don’t like

That’s what they do, they knock off voters they don’t like and they were helping Hillary.

Most Americans don’t vote in midterm elections. If you didn’t vote before, you can lose your vote.

The Brooklyn machine, King County Dem party wanted to deliver for Hillary.

Exit polls showed their unadjusted numbers Bernie just lost by 4 percentage points. But the official count as 16%. Bernie was crushed and that knocked the wind out of his sails and donations were cut.

is there any hope for their

NY Public Interest Research group, headed by Neil Rosenstein, is filing a motion that all of those affidavit ballots will be counted and those people will be put back on the voter rolls.

I don’t think the ballots will be counted but I think the people will be put on the voter rolls.

Rob: Tell me about Fukushima

In NY I directed an investigation of nuclear plants, we found that guys who build nuclear plants lie. about the cost, about the safety.

Stone and Webster was found guilty of conspiracy, racketeering and fraud charges against.

I have the notebooks which say that the earthquake proofing had been faked.

In the case of Fukushima, one of the lies spread by the US media, like Anderson Cooper, was that no-one expected a 9.0 earthquake to hit Fukushima.

The nuclear plant a t Fukushima, was well under the tolerance Fukushima was supposed to handle.

All the emergency Diesel generators failed. Same used by all the plants– most are old cruise ship engines. They are supposed to snap on when there’s an accident. But cruise ships warm up their engines for h ours before torquing. So, when the Nuclear plants need the power, they have 12 seconds to fire up. So they fail. They know they will fail. They are like Xmas decorations.

There are some “greenies” who say we should resuscitate the Nuclear industry– like Obama.

Rob: So, Stone and Webster are the ones who built Fukushima.

They are literally rebuilding Fukushima, with a new name, Shaw Construction.

They are the problem. They are the danger.

Download seven ways to beat the ballot bandits.

Size: 17,637,552 — 0 hrs, 36 min, 44 sec


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Expert: Billions of pieces Fukushima nuclear fuel have spread pretty much everywhere

May 20, 2016


— “It’s truly frightening… wherever there’s cesium, there’s plutonium” — Atomic bomb had one pound of uranium… Fukushima had hundreds of tons — TV: “Abundant quantities” of plutonium are being found (VIDEO)

Posted: 19 May 2016 08:02 AM PDT

Nuclear Expert: Largest amount of Fukushima radiation fell on US West Coast and Pacific

May 17, 2016


Nuclear Expert: Largest amount of Fukushima radiation fell on US West Coast and Pacific — “Why don’t we hear complaints from US?”… Officials are criminals and trying to cover it up — Public must be aware even more radiation is coming… “People need to realize impact of contamination on them”

Posted: 16 May 2016 08:44 AM PDT

Cover-up of massive explosion at Fukushima Reactor 3 fueled with plutonium? US government’s “worst case” scenario likely a reality

May 13, 2016


Cover-up of massive explosion at Fukushima Reactor 3 fueled with plutonium? US government’s “worst case” scenario likely a reality… Entire nuclear core ejected into environment — Experts: It seems blast wasn’t from hydrogen — “Ejection of fuel parts… Exploding vortices suggest a steam explosion” (PHOTO)

Posted: 11 May 2016 07:36 AM PDT