Accreditation for the UN conference to negotiate a ban treaty!

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From: Beatrice Fihn
日付: 2017年2月23日木曜日
件名: [ICAN] Accreditation for the UN conference to negotiate a ban treaty!
To: ICAN Campaigners

Hi everyone,

Registration for UN accreditation the first session on 27-31 March has opened, the aide memoir can be found here As always, the UN is slightly complicated, so if you are attending the negotiations in March, please read the following information carefully. The official NGO coordinator for the negotiating conference is Reaching Critical Will, so if you have any questions about the procedure, please contact or

Registration is done in three steps.

1. Accrediting the organisation you belong to

First, the organisation needs to be accredited before we can start registering individuals. ICAN will of course register, but we encourage partner organisations to register your own organisation, as we’re not really able to coordinate the registration for all campaigners coming in March. So please register your own organisation if possible, but make sure you coordinate with other people from your organisation so you don’t send several different accreditation applications on behalf of the same organisation. ¨

If your organisation can’t or doesn’t want to register, please let me or Daniel know, and we’ll help you get on another organisation’s delegation.

The deadline for applications of accreditation of organisations is 3 March 2017. The application is done through the United Nations Civil Society Network (CSO-Net) by completing an online accreditation form available at (Your organisation must first be registered on CSO Net, and NGOs with ECOSOC Consultative Status must indidate this.) If your organisation is not already registered in the CSO Net, please create an organisational profile here:

Those non-governmental organizations that have requested accreditation as above will be informed by UNODA by e-mail by 10 March 2017 of the outcome of their request. NGOs with ECOSOC consultative status will be accredited to the Conference. All other approved NGOs will be provisionally accredited to the Conference, pending the decision of the Conference on the list of such NGOs. We don’t foresee any problems with any ICAN partner organisation being rejected.

Please note: A second accreditation period will be opened prior to the session of the Conference in June/July 2017, only for those organisations that did not apply for accreditation prior to the March session. The accreditation of NGOs granted in time for the March session will remain valid for the June/July session.

2. Registering individual participants

NGOs that receive confirmation of accreditation must then register their representatives who will to attend the Conference. This is also done via CSO Net. The registration of individual representatives will be open from 13 to 17 March 2017 at

Once you’ve completed the registration of individual representatives, you need to download the personal registration form and the confirmation letter from CSO Net. You must print these documents out and bring to New York.

3. Picking up the badge at the conference

Once you are in New York, you will be able to pick up your your badge on 27-28 March at the United Nations Pass and ID Office located on 320 E 45th Street, New York, NY on 27 and 28 March (9:00am – 11:00am; and 1:00pm – 3:00pm). You will need to bring the printed personal registration form and the confirmation letter, as well as valid photo identification to the Pass and ID Office.

Representatives arriving after 28 March must contact Ms. Haruka Katarao, E-mail:, Tel. +1 (212) 963-4178, or Mr. Hong Tan, E-mail, Tel. +1 (212) 963 7062 to arrange for issuance of a security identification badge.

Once the badge is issued, you will be able to get in to the UN and access the negotiating meetings.


So, to recap. Your organisation need to apply for accreditation before 3 March (please coordinate with other colleagues from the same organisations, so you don’t double up), the organisation need to register the individual people that are coming to New York between 13 to 17 March.

And if you haven’t done so yet, please register for the ICAN campaigners meeting on 25-26 March in New York, so we can budget for catering etc.

Looking forward to seeing many of you in New York!


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