“Danger caused by Tokyo Olympics 2020”, published

“Danger caused by Tokyo Olympics 2020”, published

Dear  President Thomas Bach,
I hope you are in the best of health.
Please allow me to send you, herein attached, an important document which summarises a book published in Japanese last month.
The title of the book is “Dangers to be Created by Tokyo Olympics—- Clear
and Present Radioactivity and Health Damages”.
The book edits articles submitted by 25 scientists, doctors, refugees from Fukushima, and opinion leaders.
The first edition is already sold out.
We cannot but be recalled that “the Nuclear Emergency Declaration” decreed
immediately after the Accident is still maintained.This is why radiation 20 times
higher than before the Accident continues to be permitted, threatening public health.
In view of the undeniable presence of dangers, the Tokyo Olympic Games could not
take place,morally speaking.
The honor of Japan is at stake. So is the honor of the Olympic Games.
I am convinced that you will redouble efforts to tackle with the present critical situation faced by the Tokyo Olympic Games 2020 and the Olympic Games itself.
With warmest and highest regards,
Mitsuhei Murata
Former Japanese Ambassador to Switzerland
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