Update: we start banning nuclear weapons in one week

The ICAN team info@icanw.org via mail36.suw15.mcsv.net
9:36 AM (1 hour ago)

Our chance to change the world
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Dear friends,

As an international community, we have prohibited biological and chemical weapons. We have prohibited landmines, blinding lasers, and cluster munitions.

And in one week, we will start prohibiting the most destructive weapon of them all: nuclear weapons.

This is a historic moment for civil society’s 70 year long fight against nuclear weapons and it is the result of tireless campaigning and activism all around the world. This treaty could be a unique tool that makes real progress towards a world free of nuclear weapons. But those with nuclear weapons will do everything they can to stop us.

What civil society has done in order to get to this point is proof of what we can do when we work together. But we still have a long way to go and the stakes for the world are high — the risk of a nuclear detonation is on the rise.

We need your help to ensure that this treaty will be a strong, effective legal tool, and that it has an impact on nuclear-armed states even if they do not participate in the negotiations. This campaign has succeeded so far because of committed people around the world. That’s why your contribution is so important.

With one week left to go, make a donation – or a monthly contribution – to ensure that we take this chance to get a strong and effective treaty that will be the beginning of the end for nuclear weapons.
Thank you,

The ICAN team

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