Tokyo Olympic Games 2020, Disqualified?

Dear Friends,
I am sending you my message addressed to Chief Cabinet Minister Suga.
The IOC could not long ignore the criticism that it is taking advantage of
the false assertionTHAT FUKUSHIMA DAIICHI IS “under control”.
However,it could not comply with the increasing request from all quarters
to reassure the safety of Tokyo,for its result in the negative is obvious.
Under such circumstances,the IOC could start pressuring Japan to retreat
from the Tokyo Olympic Games 2020,insinuating the possibility of
disqualifying Japan for amply sufficient reasons (failure to implement
all official commitments).
If Japan makes this retreat declaring its determination to make maximum
efforts for Fukushima and Kumamoto, it will be a step in the right direction
and could hopefully be considered as an honorable retreat.
The weekly magazine”Shukan Bunshun”(June 23) has published the partially
shocking article on the bribery scandal issue related to the Tokyo Olympic
Games 2020.
It may influence the results of the French investigation now under way on
the same issue.
With warmest regards,
Mitsuhei Murata
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