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Support the Olympic Truce

December 23, 2017

World Beyond War via via
9:01 AM (6 hours ago)

The United Nations has asked its member states to observe an Olympic truce during the upcoming February 9-25 Winter Olympics in Seoul, South Korea, and for one week on either side. That would be February 2 to March 4.

South Korea has asked the United States to delay its war rehearsal flights over South Korea until after the truce.

Please click here to sign a petition that can be printed out and delivered to every nation on earth, urging their abstention from war and from provocative war “exercises” during this period, and urging them to continue the truce indefinitely thereafter.

If the world can prove that it can refrain from war during a sports competition, it will have proved that it can do so after the competition as well. If the United States can also refrain from its war “games,” negotiations between it and North Korea may be possible.

This is a serious opportunity to prevent a catastrophic war. Click here to add your name.

Forward this to everyone you can.

After signing the petition, please use the tools on the next webpage to share it with your friends.

— The World Beyond War Team

> UN Resolution

Sign the Declaration of Peace.

Find events all over the world that you can take part in.

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Avoiding Nuclear War Is Our First Priority

December 10, 2017

OpEdNews Op Eds 12/8/2017 at 18:46:55
Avoiding Nuclear War Is Our First Priority

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From Paul Craig Roberts Website

Donald Trump
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Michel Chossudovsky, a distinguished professor in Canada, directs the Centre for Research on Globalization and the website Global Research, a font of important information unavailable from the presstitute Western media. In this article he tells us that if we do not focus on peace instead of war, we are all going to die.

Professor Chossudovsky makes an important point, made to me some years ago by my colleague Zbigniew Brzezinski and recently by former Secretary of Defense William Perry (see here). Professor Chossudovsky reminds us to “bear in mind that mistakes are often what determine the course of world history.” A US attack on North Korea would be a mistake that could precipitate a nuclear war (米国の北朝鮮攻撃は核戦争に急転直下しうる誤りである。).

There is no doubt that Chossudovsky is correct.

Additionally, the continued demonization of Russia, China, and Iran could precipitate a nuclear war (加えて、ロシア、中国、イランの継続する悪魔化も核戦争に急転直下しうる。). In other words, we are surrounded by very real threats created by Washington that receive no attention from Western governments and the presstitute media. As I wrote on December 5, we are “Walking into Armageddon.”

Professor Chossudovsky has amassed a huge amount of information that makes clear the vast difference between the level-headed era of JFK/Khrushchev and the insanity of the post-Reagan era of the re-start of hostilities for the sake of the power and profit of the US military/security complex and the neoconservatives’ ideology of US world hegemony.

I am unsure that the peoples of the Western world can without violence against their governments do anything to prevent nuclear war, because the Western politicians are in the pay of the military/security complex and the financial and corporate interest groups that benefit from US hegemony. American hegemony produces profits, and for the sake of these profits Western leaders will risk the fate of the world (アメリカの覇権は利益を生み、これらの利益の為に西欧の指導者達は世界の運命を危険に曝してもかまおうとしないのである。).

As I have emphasized repeatedly, Americans as a result of their insouciance and patriotism live in a world in which the explanations they are given by government and the presstitutes are used to control what they think and believe. In this way, government and the interest groups that control government make their agendas independent of any control by the citizens. In the United States, and probably throughout the Western world, democracy simply does not exist. George Orwell predicted that this would be the case by 1984, but it took the Clinton, George W. Bush, and Obama regimes to achieve it. Today in 2017 Big Brother does indeed rule the Western World.

Trump’s election was like Reagan’s. He appealed to the people instead of to the ruling interest groups. As a high official in Reagan’s government who was aligned with Reagan’s goals to end stagflation and the Cold War, I experienced first hand the cost of going against the powerful interest groups that are accustomed to ruling. We took part of their rule away from them, but now they have taken it back. And they are now stronger than before. Essentially, Trump is powerless and is limited to expressing his frustrations on Twitter.

In my opinion, the lesson being dealt to Trump will teach any future presidential candidate not to challenge the ruling oligarchy by appealing to the American people.

This means that democracy in America is stone dead. I sometimes wonder if democracy can be revived without violent revolution, and of course revolutions can go wrong.

Are Americans capable of violent revolution? If they are not, will the greedy elites remain in control until they stumble into a nuclear war?

General Lemnitzer, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, told President John F. Kennedy that the US could win a nuclear war with the Soviet Union if only JFK would give the go-ahead. General Lemnitzer also presented President Kennedy with the “Northwoods” plan that called for the US military to conduct false flag attacks on US citizens that could be blamed on Castro and serve as an excuse for a US invasion of Cuba. President Kennedy responded by removing Lemnitzer as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

A number of researchers have concluded that Lemnitzer’s removal convinced the military/security complex that Kennedy was soft on communism and a threat to American national security.

The Obama regime recreated the Russian scare. In his election campaign Trump revealed that he was out of step with the recreation of the Russian threat, for which he has been punished with “Russia-gate.” Can a president concerned that he might be removed from office by a special prosecutor or possibly assassinated, resist the march toward war?

Trump is surrounded by a Secret Service that believes that protecting the President is protecting the United States. However, if the Secret Service is convinced by the Special Prosecutor, Congress, the military/security complex, and the presstitutes that Trump is in league with the Russians in a Russia-gate conspiracy against the United States, the Secret Service could fail to protect Trump, just as they failed to protect President John F. Kennedy.

You can rescue yourself from the false report that Oswald assassinated President Kennedy by watching online the Secret Service agents, who protected President Kennedy in his open car from gunfire, being called away from the car so that the assassins could have a clear shot at Kennedy. You can see that the bullet hits Kennedy in the right front temple and blows off the back of his head. You can see his wife, Jackie, climb onto the trunk of the car to retrieve the back of the president’s head. So much for the fake story that Oswald shot JFK from behind. All evidence disproves the Oswald story. No evidence whatsoever supports it. This is the conclusion of many years of research by many authors.

Many researchers have concluded that the Warren Commission knew that JFK was assassinated by elements of the military/security complex, but that the commission knew that it could not tell the American people in the wake of the Cuban missile crisis that the US government had just murdered the US president. At a difficult time in the Cold War, Americans would lose confidence in their own military and security services. I can understand a decision to cover up what happened.

Nevertheless, those responsible should have been forced to resign on the grounds that they failed to protect the President of the United States, and under cover of preventing another such failure in the future, the black ops section of the CIA should have been closed down, as President Kennedy intended to do. The failure by the Johnson administration to remedy the situation has left the power in the hands of the security agencies to act against the president, as we are witnessing with the attack on Trump by CIA director John Brennan, and FBI directors Comey and Mueller.

Trump is portrayed by the presstitutes as an idiot. But he is not an idiot. Idiots don’t wind up being billionaires or married to the most beautiful woman on earth. Idiots don’t have the confidence to take on the interest groups that control the two political parties and win a presidential election.

Trump is anything but dumb, but he understands now that he is not really the president of the United States.

The United States is ruled by the military/security complex, by the Federal Reserve in the interests of the big banks and Wall Street, by the extractive industries as evidenced by Trump handing over to them two national monuments in Utah to be ravaged, raped, and ruined for their profit, and by the Israel Lobby, which has kept Washington at war in the Middle East for 16 years. The American people have no input into decisions. Americans are powerless and helpless, like Jews and everyone else in the Nazi camps and like the Palestinians in the Gaza ghetto. They have no voice and are irrelevant to the decisions made in Washington.

Once you understand this, you can understand why Trump would move the US embassy in Israel to Jerusalem. The Israel Lobby is one of the most powerful interest groups in Washington. Trump, under attack from so many quarters can do no better than to have the Israel Lobby and Mossad on his side.

Who else can Trump turn to? The people in flyover America who elected him are powerless. The Isreal Lobby isn’t.

Just look at the results of Trump’s announcement that the US embassy will be located in Jerusalem. The neoconservatives who were determined to get rid of Trump because he voiced peace with Russia and the Muslims instead of US hegemony, now praise him. Even John Podhoretz, a leader of death-to-Trump, is euphoric that Trump flaunted the UN and international law and declared, in effect, Jerusalem to be Israel’s. National Review, formerly a conservative magazine for which I was once a contributing editor, but now a vassal of the Israel Lobby, described Trump’s action as “a blow against international anti-Semitism.”

If you were alone in Washington’s hot seat under constant attack by the presstitute media and the military/security complex and under investigation by a Special Prosecutor appointed for the explicit purpose of indicting you and removing you from office, and you could turn to a powerful interest group before which all tremble, would you not seek the protection of the Israel Lobby and Mossad? Some fool you would be not to do so. As the CIA has known for decades, the agency is penetrated by Mossad. Trump can know in advance if the CIA is going to assassinate him.

So, dear readers, you have asked me why Trump has opened the way for Israel’s complete takeover of Palestine. Perhaps the answer is that Trump is hoping that the powerful Israel Lobby will protect him from Mueller and the military/security complex, who are out to get him.

Perhaps it is a hopeful development that Trump has taken refuge in the Israel Lobby’s protection. Mossad, of course, is more capable than the CIA. If the Israel Lobby will protect Trump, perhaps Trump can survive the assault on him by the military/security complex and actually restore trust between the two major nuclear powers. What does Israel have to lose by preserving life on earth? Israel has already gained, in the face of international law, UN resolutions, and a compliant America and Europe, all of Palestine. Israel has achieved what the American Empire achieved against the native Americans. And now Trump gives Israel the last prize — Jerusalem. Why should not the Israel Lobby protect Trump.

Americans can b*tch about the Jews all they want (until it becomes illegal), but what is there to b*tch about if the Israel Lobby can save the only politician in the Western world who wants to normalize relations and reduce the high level of tensions with Russia?

If the Israel Lobby will save us and the planet from nuclear destruction, more power to them. It is unfortunate for the long-suffering Palestinians that they are the sacrificial lamb, but is that Trump’s fault or the fault of the military/security complex, the DNC, and the presstitute media for putting Trump in a desperate situation?

Dr. Roberts was Assistant Secretary of the US Treasury for Economic Policy in the Reagan Administration. He was associate editor and columnist with the Wall Street Journal, columnist for Business Week and the Scripps Howard News Service. He is a contributing editor to Gerald Celente’s Trends Journal. He has had numerous university appointments. His books, The Failure of Laissez Faire Capitalism and Economic Dissolution of the West is available here, and How America Was Lost, can be ordered here. His latest book, The Neoconservative Threat To International Order: Washington’s Perilous War For Hegemony, can be ordered here.

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Saturday, December 9, 2017     

Join With Me and Let’s Change the World Who asked Google to transform itself from search engine to gatekeeper? Is there a conspiracy here against the First Amendment? What are Google’s qualifications for determining what is fake news and extremist views? Is what are we witnessing here the elite’s use of a private company to control explanations in behalf of the One Percent?
Friday, December 8, 2017     

Avoiding Nuclear War Is Our First Priority In the United States, and probably throughout the Western world, democracy simply does not exist. George Orwell predicted that this would be the case by 1984, but it took the Clinton, George W. Bush, and Obama regimes to achieve it. Today in 2017 Big Brother does indeed rule the Western World.
Thursday, December 7, 2017     

Can the American Left Be Resurrected? With the working class marginalized, now it is the influence of the environmental movement that is being rolled back. Next it will be Social Security and Medicare as the ruling oligarchy pushes the social system back to the era before the New Deal. In the absence of countervailing power, there is no limit to the unwinding of the reforms that made capitalist America a liveable society.
Tuesday, December 5, 2017     

Walking into Armageddon A country in which the media lack integrity cannot be a democracy as the people have no accurate information with which to make decisions and hold government accountable. The American presstitute media functions as a control arm for the powerful vested interests that are turning the United States into a police state that serves only a few hundredths of One Percent.
Monday, December 4, 2017     

Plunder Capitalism What we are witnessing is the complete looting of America and the entirety of the West. Nothing is left of the West except looters at work. This tax bill is an abomination, an act of brutal plunder. Its sponsors should be tarred and feathered and ridden out of town on a rail, if not hung from a lamp post.
Wednesday, November 29, 2017     

Is Washington the Most Corrupt Government in History? The bin Laden story, including 9/11, is fake from start to finish, but it is inscribed into encyclopedias, history books, and the public’s consciousness. And this is just one example of the institutionalized mass lies concocted by Washington and the presstitutes and turned into truth. Washington’s self-serving control over explanations has removed Americans from reality and made them slaves to fake news.
Monday, November 27, 2017     

Can’t You See War On The Horizon? We also must ask ourselves how much longer Washington is going to permit any of us via the Internet to report the real news instead of the fake news that Washington uses to control explanations. The effort by the Federal Communications Commission chairman to destroy net neutrality and other efforts underway to discredit factual news as Russian propaganda.
Friday, November 17, 2017     

Who Gets to Push the Nuclear Button? Having shoved Trump into the militarist camp, his enemies have turned on Trump as an unstable, volatile person who might push the button. Senator Bob Corker (R, TN) and Senator Chris Murphy (D, CT) are using the Senate Foreign Relations Committee to portray President Trump as a quixotic person who shouldn’t have his finger on the nuclear button.
Monday, November 13, 2017     

Will America Survive Washington? Where are the American and European media? The presstitutes are busy at work repeating endlessly the military/security complex and DNC’s lies about “Russiagate.” Alternatively, the presstitutes are focused on what the NFL’s national anthem policy will be. We are experiencing the total failure of the leadership of a country.
Thursday, November 9, 2017     

From Superpower to Incompetence This is America today. And the incompetents ruling incompetents want war with Iran, Korea, Russia, China. Considering the extraordinary level of incompetence throughout the United States, I guarantee you that we will not win these wars.
Saturday, November 4, 2017     

Washington Stomps on Civil Liberty What is the quality of an electorate that sends those with a police state mentality to represent them in the government that has power over them? Are we witnessing the destruction of democracy by the electorate? Is the failure of the American people staring us in the face? Is the hatred of dissent so great that nothing else is important?
Thursday, November 2, 2017     

Washington’s Barbarity Reaches New Heights? What is the reason for the US government’s interest in studying Russian DNA samples? What immediately leaps to mind is a tailored biological weapon that only targets Russians. Washington has evaded constraints placed on biological weapons work by maintaining laboratories in Africa.
Wednesday, November 1, 2017     

Historic Christ Church Falls To Political Correctness One doesn’t quite know what to make of history being erased like this. Washington and Lee (and there is a university of that name) are probably the two most decent and honorable people the United States has ever produced. But their association with an ancient, by US standards, church, which Washington helped to found, is to be erased.
Tuesday, October 31, 2017     

Is It Insanity, Evil — Or Both — That Has The Western World In Its Grip? It is reported that three US aircraft carrier battle groups are off North Korea or on the way there. China has already said that it will allow no attack on North Korea unless Korea strikes first. The Russians have indicated their opposition as well. Both China and Russia have missiles that can wipe out the three aircraft battle groups at will.
Sunday, October 29, 2017     

The Kennedy Assassination J. Edgar Hoover, along with LBJ, Earl Warren and the members of the Warren Commission understood that it was impossible to tell the American people that their president has been assassinated by the US military and US security agencies. At a dicey time of the Cold War, clearly it would have been reckless to destroy Americans’ trust in their own government.
Sunday, October 29, 2017     

One Day Tomorrow Won’t Arrive Washington’s enormously expensive F-35 jet fighter is no match whatsoever for Russian fighters. US tanks are no match for Russian tanks. Russian troops are superior in their combat readiness and training and are highly motivated and not worn out by 16 years of pointless and frustrating wars over no one knows what.
Saturday, October 28, 2017     

Civilization Declared “A White Male Construct” Considering the economic, political, and cultural demise of the United States, how much longer do you think there will be a liveable life here? The failure of America, indeed of Western civilization, seems to be total. How much longer can it last?
Thursday, October 26, 2017     

The Las Vegas Shooting Won’t Go Away I agree that the combination of the presence of crisis actors and actual victims who were killed, although it is not clear whether from Paddock in the hotel or, as witnesses claim, from shooters on the ground among the crowd, is nonsensical. What is the point of acting out an attack when there are real victims, which there seem to be, at least a few?
Tuesday, October 24, 2017     

The American Left: RIP The rise of Identity Politics has brought with it politically controlled speech. Primarily white people, especially heterosexual white males, are subject to this control. The limits on their free speech are growing ever more severe, and no one has to be concerned about white heterosexual males being offended by offensive or threatening speech.
Monday, October 16, 2017     

Washington Is Destroying American Power China and Russia are disassociating from the dollar system, because Washington, in its abuse of the world currency role, uses the dollar payments mechanism to impose sanctions on other countries and to threaten them with exclusion from the payments clearing system.
Sunday, October 15, 2017     

The Unraveling of American/Russian Relations The military/security complex has an annual budget of one thousand billion dollars. This sum is larger than the Gross Domestic Products of all but a handful of countries on earth. Such an immense budget conveying such power desperately needs a dangerous enemy for its justification. Russia has been assigned this role.
Thursday, October 12, 2017     

An American Trauma Surgeon Responds Why is it that with these terror events — Las Vegas, Boston Marathon Bombing, 9/11 itself — drills reflecting the alleged events were being conducted? Why has the media, not only the US media, but also the world media, never asked this question? How is it that almost every time that there is a terrorist event, a drill of that event is taking place?
Wednesday, October 11, 2017     

More Responses to the Military Surgeon’s Letter If the acoustic evidence is correct of bullets hitting the ground, then bullets were fired. Therefore, it is likely people were hit. Why then are what clearly seem to be crisis actors employed? Is it possible that the alert part of the population is being given counter-factual information in order to condition us to accept official stories despite unresolved contradictions?
Tuesday, October 10, 2017     

The Mystery Deepens As in every other case, there is an official story, one that always seems to be ready in advance, and one from which authorities and media do not depart. The “investigation” looks more like the imposition of an official story. The media and the public authorities are content to dismiss suspicions by calling them conspiracy theories. This makes it impossible to clear up contradictions and anomalies.
Sunday, October 8, 2017     

Hard Censorship Hits the Internet Government in the United States and the media whores that service government agendas have an immense credibility problem. We cannot rely on the veracity of any government or media statement. Like the boy who cried “wolf,” Washington and the presstitutes have made it impossible to know when they are telling the truth.
Saturday, October 7, 2017     

Las Vegas Final Comment Responsible public authorities aware of the public’s growing suspicion and recourse to conspiracy theories would go out of their way to provide clear hard evidence to back the official story. With 573 casualties, there has to be an abundance of evidence. Where is it?
Friday, October 6, 2017     

Has The Israel Lobby Destroyed Americans’ First Amendment Rights? The many anomalies in the Israel Lobby’s power pass unremarked. For example, the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) defines criticism of Israeli policies as defamation and brands critics “anti-semites.” In other words, the ADL itself is set up in the business of defamation or name-calling.
Thursday, October 5, 2017     

Las Vegas Shooting I don’t know if the Las Vegas Shooting was a false flag attack, and if so, by who or for what purpose. I don’t expect to ever know. A story is set in place by officials and media. The only way to ever know is to personally investigate. We would have to do the job that in former times would have been done by the press, but no more.
Tuesday, October 3, 2017     

Whose Bright Idea Was Russiagate? Russia bashing became more intense when Washington’s coup in Ukraine failed to deliver Crimea. Washington had intended for the new Ukrainian regime to evict the Russians from their naval base on the Black Sea. This goal was frustrated when Crimea voted to rejoin Russia.
Monday, October 2, 2017     

Are You Ready to Die? If you were the Russian government, would you conclude that your country was the next to be attacked militarily by Washington? You would know that Washington/NATO cannot possibly attack Russia except by surprise nuclear strike. Knowing this, if you were the Russian government, would you sit there and wait on the strike?
Friday, September 29, 2017     

The US Economy Is Failing The American people are entering a world of slavery more severe than anything that previously existed. Without jobs, dependent on their masters for trickle-down benefits that are always subject to being cut, and without voice or representation, Americans, except for the One Percent, are becoming the most enslaved people in history.
Thursday, September 28, 2017     

Patriotism Is A Two-Edged Sword China depends on Iran for 20 percent of its oil supply. China was forced out of its Libyan oil supply by Washington’s overthrow of Gaddafi. Losing Iran would be a blow. At some point these two powerful countries will have to realize that their national existence is at stake. China has been too busy making money to pay attention, and Russia has been in thrall to its centuries-old desire to be part of the West.
Wednesday, September 27, 2017     

What Can Be Done? The more important reason for Eastern Europe, or the part of it that still has the capability of independent thought, is to avoid nuclear armageddon. Washington’s quest for world hegemony is driving the world to the third, and final, World War. Eastern European governments could prevent this looming war by breaking from their vassalage to Washington and forming a neutral buffer between NATO and Russia.
Tuesday, September 26, 2017     

Washington Has Initiated Military Conflict With Russia Sooner or later it will dawn on the Russian government that Washington is not a rational government with which diplomacy can be practiced, peace pursued, and agreements reached. Sooner or later it will dawn on the Russian government that far from being rational, Washington is a criminally insane collection of psychopaths in thrall to the military/security complex which, in turn, is in thrall to its massive profits.
Friday, September 22, 2017     

How the US Became a Warmonger Police State Every passing day truth is less and less prevalent in the United States. Democratic control over the government is already nonexistent. Essentially, Americans live in the Fourth Reich which has already budded and is now blossoming.
Wednesday, September 20, 2017     

More Thoughts on Trump’s UN Declaration of War Against Iran and North Korea It is only the US government, which is not a government of the people, that has ever threatened another country with total destruction as Trump did to North Korea in the CIA’s UN speech. This is a first. It trumps Adolf Hitler. The US has become the 4th Reich. It is doubtful that the world will survive the foreign policy of the United States of America.
Wednesday, September 20, 2017     

Is Identity Politics Brewing a Holocaust? Identity Politics trumps truth, a point that cannot be emphasized too much. We see it everywhere, from statue removal to the Democratic Party turning on the working class, now defined by Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Committee as racist, sexist, homophobic, white male gun nuts.
Tuesday, September 19, 2017     

The Absurdities Mount In the United States — indeed, in the entirely of the Western world — history has become a construction that serves not the truth but special interests. This is the reason that the Western World is doomed. Peoples whose history is destroyed are defenceless. They have no idea who they are.
Tuesday, September 19, 2017     

Trump’s UN Speech The US is considered the greatest threat to peace. International polls show that the world regards the US as a much greater threat to peace than North Korea and Iran. Yet Trump described the US, universally regarded as the greatest threat to the world, as the great protector of peace. Has there ever been a greater disturber of peace?
Monday, September 18, 2017     

Whatever Happened to America? America, the melting pot that produced a nation was destroyed by Identity Politics. Identity Politics divides a population into hate groups. This group hates that one, and so on. In the US the most hated group is a southern white heterosexual male. Free speech is becoming the property of propagandists who uphold the interests of the ruling oligarchy.
Wednesday, September 13, 2017     

An Economic Lesson for China and Russia If China and Russia want to be sovereign countries, they must pray that Mnuchin does cut them off from the dollar system that exploits them. Then Russia and China will have to put in place their own system and learn real economics instead of propaganda posing as economics that serves Washington’s interest.
Tuesday, September 12, 2017     

Behold a Pale Horse, and its Rider is Death When you see such potentially powerful countries as Russia and China collapse under Washington’s pressure in the UN Security Council, it makes you wonder if the various analyses of Washington’s many weaknesses are real, and if they are real, if Russia and China are aware of them.
Monday, September 11, 2017     

16th Anniversary of 9/11 Brings New Development Dr. Leroy Hulsey, a distinguished engineering authority, presented his team’s preliminary report on the collapse of World Trade Center Building 7. The report is preliminary in the sense that it awaits peer-review. The team’s research is more extensive than the modeling provided by NIST and includes a thorough examination of NIST’s approach. Dr. Hulsey’s team concludes that Building 7 did not come down due to fire.
Friday, September 8, 2017     

Laughing on the Way to Armageddon The American people have to realize that they are being led to their deaths by the Zionist neocon nazis who, together with the military/security complex and Wall Street, control US foreign policy, by the complicity of Europe and Great Britain desperate to retain their CIA subsidies, and by the harlots that comprise the Western media.
Thursday, September 7, 2017     

Dear Russia: An Enemy Is Not A Partner The orchestrated “Korean crisis” is not about North Korea. It is an orchestration that lets Washington put nuclear missile bases on China’s border, just as the orchestrated “Iranian crisis” was the excuse for putting nuclear missile bases on Russia’s borders. Russia cannot be both sovereign and part of the West.
Monday, September 4, 2017     

The Vanishing American Dream Friday’s payroll jobs report was full of bad news. Full-time jobs declined by 166,000. The meager 156,000 new jobs claimed are really only 115,000 net of the prior month’s revision, and this 115,000 jobs estimate is within the range of statistical insignificance. In other words, there is no confidence that the jobs are actually there.
Saturday, September 2, 2017     

Robert E. Lee’s Ubiquitous Presence We are going to have to do far more than take down Robert E. Lee’s statue. We have to close the US Military Academy at West Point. Not only was Lee a West Point graduate, but in 1962 the U.S. Army named the West Point barracks after Robert E. Lee.
Tuesday, August 29, 2017     

No End To Coverups Once Washington took over, the investigation stopped. In its place was Washington’s theory that it was Tim McVeigh’s lonely protest. The voluminous evidence of McVeigh’s accomplices or controllers, as might have been the case, was in the way of the official story that imposed itself on the investigation.
Monday, August 28, 2017     

The Weaponization of History And Journalism Writing the truth is no way to succeed as an author. Only a small percentage of readers are interested in the truth. Most want their biases or brainwashing vindicated. They want to read what they already believe. It is comforting, reassuring. When their ignorance is confronted, they become angry. The way to be successful as a writer is to pick a group and give them what they want.
Friday, August 25, 2017     

Conspiracy Theory It is the known evidence provided by scientists, architects, engineers, pilots, and the first responders who were in the twin towers and personally experienced the numerous explosions that brought down the towers that is described as a conspiracy theory.
Wednesday, August 23, 2017     

How We Know The So-Called “Civil War” Was Not Over Slavery Blaming the war on slavery was the way the northern court historians used morality to cover up Lincoln’s naked aggression and the war crimes of his generals. Demonizing the enemy with moral language works for the victor. And it is still ongoing. We see in the destruction of statues the determination to shove remaining symbols of the Confederacy down the Memory Hole.
Monday, August 21, 2017     

Trump and American History Have Been Assassinated Consequently, for decades no Southern person would vote Republican. The Democrats lost the “solid South” by aping the Reconstruction Republicans and again bringing Reconstruction to the South, using federal force instead of persuasion.
Thursday, August 17, 2017     

A House Divided Against Itself Cannot Stand It is a great disability for the United States that only a limited number of its citizens are capable of independent thought. Perhaps this is a problem for every country, but it most certainly is a problem for the United States.
Wednesday, August 16, 2017     

In America Propaganda Has Vanquished Truth Slavery in the Southern states was confined to large agricultural tracts known as plantations. Slaves were the agricultural workforce. This institution long predated the Confederacy and the United States itself. It was an inherited institution from the time that the New World was colonized by European economic interests. Slaves were not a Southern invention.
Monday, August 14, 2017     

Hellstorm The Documentary Making peace with Russia is a massive threat to the military/security complex’s vast budget and power, and they are not going to allow it. Neither are they going to allow Marine Le Pen and the French voters to break up NATO and the EU in the name of French sovereignty, thereby threatening Washington’s power over Europe.
Monday, August 14, 2017     

Charlottesville The liberal/progressive/left along with the media has abandoned the working class for Identity Politics. Identity Politics teaches that women, blacks, and homosexuals are all victims of white heterosexual males who are characterized as the victimizer class, that is, those who victimize others.
Friday, August 11, 2017     

Tyranny at Nuremberg At Nuremberg Supreme Court Justice Robert Jackson was in pursuit of Nazis, but their conviction was to establish the international legal principle that the initiation of war, the commitment of military aggression, was a crime.Jackson’s pursuit of Nazis at Nuremberg undermined the strictures he put on US attorneys such that today Americans have no more protection of law than the defendants had at Nuremberg.
Tuesday, August 8, 2017     

Google Is Committed To The Suppression Of Free Speech Today Google is protected not only by the demise of anti-trust laws, but also by its usefulness to the US Police State. Without Google’s active cooperation, it would not be possible for the NSA to complete its total spy network, a network that serves not national defense but suppression of dissent from the agendas of the ruling oligarchy.
Monday, August 7, 2017     

The Beckoning of Nuclear War The defense authorization bill currently before Congress overturns the Intermediate Range Nuclear Forces Treaty signed by Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev. This treaty eliminated an entire class of nuclear weapons and signaled the end of the Cold War.
Saturday, August 5, 2017     

Fake News A US Media Speciality This picture of American employment has been holding for about two decades. It is a portrait of a third world labor force. The jobs are not in export industries. The jobs are not in high productivity, high value-added occupations that produce a middle class income. The jobs are in lowly paid, often part-time domestic services.
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Announcing a New Online Course of Abolishing War

December 1, 2017

World Beyond War via via

You asked for this and we listened: Here’s a fantastic way to support World Beyond War: sign up for our new online course. It’s called War Abolition 201: Building the Alternative Global Security System. The course will happen online from January 29 to March 19, 2018. It will include video and text, discussion forums, assignments, and feedback from the best instructors. It will not involve any scheduled live events; rather, you can do the course on your own schedule. This is the course to take if you’ve already taken our beginner’s course on ending war, or if you simply want to focus on replacing war with systems of peace. Details are being added, but you can read about it here and be the first to sign up.
If you click to donate to World Beyond War online or by mail, (tax-deductible in U.S.) we will be extremely grateful. If you make your gift recurring, we’ll be happy to send you your choice from a long list of wonderful books or any of our peace-promoting t-shirts or a sky blue scarf.
We’ll soon have photos of a new billboard going up on December 4th (and others we’ll let you know about soon) with your support. We’ll put up as many as you fund. If you’d like your donation to go to billboards, click here.


We’ve created a 2-hour video with highlights from throughout No War 2017: War and the Environment.
This video will make a great public event in itself, and we recommend that World Beyond War chapters and anyone else make use of it, especially in building alliances between environmental and peace groups. This is the core of the first major effort to bring these two movements together.

Here’s the 2-hour highlights video.

Here’s a 20-minute highlights video of the Sam Adams award event that was part of the conference.

We’re planning bigger, better events and actions for 2018, starting with the conference against foreign military bases planned for January 12-14. Now is the time of year when we most need your financial support.

Donate to World Beyond War online or by mail.

Thank you!


November 4, 2017

TED Talk I just did on “Why End War”

David Swanson via via
3:34 PM (5 hours ago)

TED Talk I just did on “Why End War”

Where I’m speaking next:

November 4, 5: Los Angeles

November 7: Hyattsville, Busboys & Poets

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Debunking the Myths of War

October 20, 2017

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2:03 PM (6 hours ago)

Debunking the Myths of War

What are the assumptions we hold about the nature of violence and the practices of war?

>>Click here to join the discussion on Debunking the Myths of War.

Join World Beyond War in this timely discussion on “Debunking the Myths of War” by participating in discussion 3 of our online study guide STUDY WAR NO MORE. This discussion features an introductory video by Study and Action Partner Paul K. Chappell, the Peace Leadership Director of the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation.

The goals and objectives of this discussion are to identify, reflect and analyze assumptions of war, violence and conflict. This would be a great introductory lesson for the U.S. Commander in Chief!

About STUDY WAR NO MORE – A Concerned Citizens Study & Action Guide for “A Global Security System: An Alternative to War”

STUDY WAR NO MORE is a learning and action tool developed and produced by World Beyond War in partnership with the Global Campaign for Peace Education. It is a companion guide to World Beyond War’s publication: “A Global Security System: An Alternative to War.”

Study War No More provides guided inquiries and suggests practical actions for students and citizens to understand the nature of “the war system” and the possibilities for its transformation to an authentic “global security system” pursued via peaceful means.

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World Beyond War Needs Your Support

September 28, 2017

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World Beyond War has just held an extremely successful conference, forming new alliances between peace and environmental movements. See video.

We’ve just published a new book, and an online video study guide.

We’ve just added new chapters in new parts of the world.

And we have big plans. We’re taking the lead on a big new coalition on closing foreign bases, with a large conference planned for January. We’re about to announce a campaign to organize anti-war events of all kinds everywhere on November 11th (Armistice Day 99). We’re ramping up our divestment campaign, and our efforts to pass local resolutions.

We’re moving a lot of new people to understand the need to end war, but we can’t go forward without your help.


Thank you!

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Video of #NoWar2017

September 26, 2017


David Swanson via via
1:02 PM (21 hours ago)

Video of No War 2017: War and the Environment

If you didn’t attend #NoWar2017 this past weekend, you can watch videos of the whole conference below. If you appreciate what you see and want World Beyond War to be able to continue this kind of work, please donate what you can here.

Sept 22

7:00-7:55 p.m. Conference Opening Plenary: David Swanson, Jill Stein, Tim DeChristopher. VIDEO 1, VIDEO 2.

7:55 p.m. music by Bryan Cahall. VIDEO 2, VIDEO 3.

8:10-10 p.m. Begining with Edward Snowden (by video) introduced by Elizabeth Murray, our friends from the Sam Adams Associates for Integrity in Intelligence presented an event with Elizabeth Murray, Annie Machon, Daniel Ellsberg (by video), Thomas Drake, Ray McGovern, Ann Wright, John Kiriakou. (Note: Chelsea Manning sent regrets that she could not attend as we had hoped, as did Seymour Hersh.) VIDEO 3, VIDEO 4, VIDEO 5.

Sept 23

9-10:15 a.m. Understanding the intersection of pro-environment and anti-war activism, with Richard Tucker, Gar Smith, and Dale Dewar. Moderator: Leah Bolger. VIDEO 6, VIDEO 7.

10:30-11:45 a.m. Preventing domestic environmental damage of militarism, with Mike Stagg, Pat Elder, James Marc Leas. Moderator: Pat Elder. VIDEO 8, VIDEO 9.

12:45 p.m. – 1 p.m. music by The Irthlingz Duo: Sharon Abreu and Michael Hurwicz. VIDEO 10.

1-2:15 p.m. Combining movements globally, with Robin Taubenfeld, Rev Lukata Mjumbe, Emily Wurth. Moderator: Mary Dean. VIDEO 10, VIDEO 11, VIDEO 12.

2:30-3:45 p.m. Financial tradeoffs, budgets, and conversion, with Lindsay Koshgarian and Bruce Gagnon. Moderator: Jean Athey. VIDEO 13, VIDEO 14.

4:00-4:05 Presentation of World Beyond War’s new online Study Guide with Tony Jenkins. VIDEO 15.

4:05-5:15 p.m. Divestment from fossil fuels and weapons with Jonathan King, Susi Snyder, Terry Crawford-Browne. Moderator: Tony Jenkins VIDEO 15, VIDEO 16, VIDEO 17.

6:45-7:30 Music by Emma’s Revolution. VIDEO 18, VIDEO 19.

7:30-9:00 Screening of episode 7 of Untold History of the United States, followed by discussion with Ray McGovern, David Swanson, and Dan Ellsberg (by video). VIDEO 20, VIDEO 21.

Sept 24

9-10:15 a.m. Creative activism for the earth and peace, with Nadine Bloch, Bill Moyer, Brian Trautman. Moderator: Alice Slater. VIDEO 22, VIDEO 23, VIDEO 24.

10:30 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. Breakout workshop strategic planning sessions in Recital Hall, and in Rooms 112, 115, 123, and 128, and possibly outdoors.

Workshop 1: How the Internet Changes Activism with Donnal Walter. ROOM 128

Workshop 2: Creative activismwith Nadine Bloch and Bill Moyer. ROOM 115

Workshop 3: Educational Approaches to Foster Political Engagement for Peace and Planet, with Tony Jenkins and Tiffany Jenkins. ROOM 123

Workshop 4: Don’t Bank on the Bomb: Divestment Campaign from Corporations Involved in the Manufacture and Maintenance of Nuclear Weapons, with Jonathan King, Alice Slater, Susi Snyder. ROOM 112. VIDEO.

Workshop 5: Closing Military Bases with Ann Wright, Will Griffin. RECITAL HALL. VIDEOS: 1, 2, 3.

1-2 p.m. Reporting back and discussion in Recital Hall. Moderator: Leah Bolger, VIDEO 25, VIDEO 26.

2:15-3:30 p.m. Halting the environmental damage of distant U.S. wars, with Kathy Kelly, Brian Terrell, Max Blumenthal. Moderator: Bob Fantina. VIDEO 27, VIDEO 28, VIDEO 29.

3:45-5:00 p.m. Building a Joint Peacenvironmentalist / Envirantiwar Movement, with Anthony Rogers-Wright and Medea Benjamin. Moderator: Donnal Walter. VIDEO 30, VIDEO 31, VIDEO 32.

6:30-7:15 Music by The Irthlingz Duo: Sharon Abreu and Michael Hurwicz. VIDEO 33, VIDEO 34, VIDEO 35, VIDEO 36.

7:15-9:00 p.m. Film screening and discussion: Scarred Lands and Wounded Lives: The Environmental Footprint of War, with Alice Day and Lincoln Day. VIDEO COMING SOON.


Videos by Barry Student. Divestment workshop video by Ellen Thomas.

In 1 week: Treaty to Ban Nukes Opens, as does #NoWar2017

September 15, 2017

World Beyond War via via
8:01 AM (2 hours ago)

Tell U.S. to join treaty banning nuclear weapons possession

Click here to easily send an email to your U.S. Representative and your two Senators.

No War 2017: War and the Environment

September 22-24 Conference in Washington, D.C.

Just following the International Day of Peace, and in the tradition of No War 2016: Real Security Without Terrorism, and the best speech any U.S. president ever gave, this year’s conference will focus on activism, including activist planning workshops, addressing how the antiwar and environmental movements can work together.

WHO: Speakers will include: Medea Benjamin, Nadine Bloch, Max Blumenthal, Natalia Cardona, Suzanne Cole, Alice Day, Lincoln Day, Tim DeChristopher, Dale Dewar, Pat Elder, Bruce Gagnon, Will Griffin, Seymour Hersh, Tony Jenkins, Larry Johnson, Kathy Kelly, Jonathan King, Lindsay Koshgarian, Peter Kuznick, James Marc Leas, Annie Machon, Ray McGovern, Rev Lukata Mjumbe, Bill Moyer, Elizabeth Murray, Anthony Rogers-Wright, Alice Slater, Gar Smith, Susi Snyder, Mike Stagg, Jill Stein, David Swanson, Robin Taubenfeld, Eric Teller, Brian Terrell, Brian Trautman, Richard Tucker, Donnal Walter, Larry Wilkerson, Ann Wright, Emily Wurth, Kevin Zeese. Read speakers’ bios.

And special guest: Chelsea Manning.

Music by The Irthlingz Duo: Sharon Abreu and Michael Hurwicz, and by Emma’s Revolution, and by Bryan Cahall.

WHERE: American University Katzen Art Center4400 Massachusetts Ave NW, Washington, DC 20016
All events in the Recital Hall. Workshops on Sunday in the Recital Hall, and in Rooms 112, 115, 123, and 128. How to get there.

Lodging and rides board.

Friday, Sept 22: 7-10 p.m.
Saturday, Sept 23: 9 a.m. – 9 p.m.
Sunday, Sept 24: 9 a.m. – 9 p.m.

Click here to register (includes 2 catered vegan meals and a copy of the new 2017 edition of A Global Security System: An Alternative to War).

Click here to become a sponsor (includes a literature table and free registrations if desired).

Sponsors include:

Steve Shafarman

We will use Facebook Live to stream this conference. To watch the livestream simply visit at the time of the conference. If you miss it you can watch it anytime later at the same page. Numerous groups around the world are organizing events to watch the livestream. You can do the same and let us know to help promote your event.

Use this flyer to spread the word about this conference: PDF.

Share on Facebook as a graphic or as a Facebook event and on Twitter.
Or share this video.

You might also like to join the flotilla for the environment and peace in front of the Pentagon on the Potomac on September 17, 2017.

Sign the Declaration of Peace.

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The Gathering to Abolish War

September 13, 2017

OpEdNews Op Eds 9/12/2017 at 20:10:45

By David Swanson             Permalink

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Have you about had enough yet? I have!

Sixteen years of endless wars, endless spending, endless killing, endless dying, endless environmental destruction, endless erosion of our rights, endless suppression of activism, endless militarization of police, endless promotion of bigotry and hatred, endless generation of hatred and terrorism, endless threats of nuclear apocalypse.

Can we make it end now?

If I were to get some people together to work on, at long last, abolishing war, I would want whistleblowers like Chelsea Manning to be there. (She will be.)

I’d want these people to be there too. (They will be, along with many others.)
(Image by   Permission   Details  DMCA
Medea Benjamin is a cofounder of both CODEPINK and the international human rights organization Global Exchange. Benjamin is the author of eight books. Her latest book is Drone Warfare: Killing by Remote Control, and she has been campaigning to stop the use of killer drones.
(Image by   Permission   Details  DMCA
Max Blumenthal is an award-winning journalist and bestselling author whose articles and video documentaries have appeared in The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, The Daily Beast, The Nation, The Guardian, The Independent Film Channel, The Huffington Post,, Al Jazeera English and many other publications. His new book, Goliath: Life and Loathing in Greater Israel, is in stores now.
(Image by   Permission   Details  DMCA
Pat Elder is the author of Military Recruiting in the United States, and the Director of the National Coalition to Protect Student Privacy, an organization that works to counter the alarming militarization of America’s high schools. Elder was a co-founder of the DC Antiwar Network and a long-time member of the Steering Committee of the National Network Opposing the Militarization of Youth.
(Image by   Permission  Details  DMCA
Bruce Gagnon is the Coordinator of the Global Network Against Weapons & Nuclear Power in Space. He was a co-founder of the Global Network when it was created in 1992. Between 1983–1998 Bruce was the State Coordinator of the Florida Coalition for Peace & Justice and has worked on space issues for 30 years.
(Image by   Permission  Details   DMCA
Will Griffin is a member of the board of Veterans For Peace. He studied in the California State University San Marcos, Global Studies program with an emphasis on U.S. Foreign Policy and International Conflict and Cooperation (2014).
(Image by   Permission   Details   DMCA
Seymour Myron “Sy” Hersh is an investigative journalist and political writer based in Washington, D.C. He is a longtime contributor to The New Yorker magazine on national security matters and has also written for the London Review of Books since 2013.
(Image by   Permission   Details  DMCA
The Reverend Lukata Agyei Mjumbe is a life long political activist, 25 year veteran grassroots community organizer and anti-violence advocate centered in Black and Brown communities. He is a Member of the Coordinating Committee of the Black Alliance for Peace (BAP).
(Image by   Permission  Details  DMCA
Tony Jenkins, PhD, has 15+ years of experience directing and designing peacebuilding and international educational programs and projects and leadership in the international development of peace studies and peace education. He is World Beyond War’s Education Coordinator.
(Image by   Permission   Details  DMCA
Kathy Kelly, during each of 20 trips to Afghanistan as an invited guest of the Afghan Peace Volunteers, has lived alongside ordinary Afghan people in a working class neighborhood in Kabul. She and her companions in Voices for Creative Nonviolence believe that “where you stand determines what you see.”
(Image by   Permission  Details  DMCA
Lindsay Koshgarian is research director of the National Priorities Project. Her research interests include education and workforce spending, social insurance and entitlement spending, debt and deficits, and tax policy and revenue generation.
(Image by   Permission  Details   DMCA
Peter Kuznick is professor of History and Director of the Nuclear Studies Institute at American University. He is author of Beyond the Laboratory: Scientists As Political Activists in 1930s America, co-author with Akira Kimura of Rethinking the Atomic Bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki: Japanese and American Perspectives, co-author with Yuki Tanaka of Genpatsu to Hiroshima — genshiryoku heiwa riyo no shinso (Nuclear Power and Hiroshima: The Truth Behind the Peaceful Use of Nuclear Power).
(Image by   Permission  Details   DMCA
James Marc Leas is a Vermont attorney and is a past co-chair of the National Lawyers Guild Free Palestine Subcommittee. He has been a leader of a campaign to block the stationing of F-35 jets in Burlington, Vermont, and of the formation of a Vermont chapter of World Beyond War.
(Image by   Permission  Details   DMCA
Ray McGovern served as a CIA analyst for 27 years, from the administration of John F. Kennedy to that of George H. W. Bush. Ray’s duties included chairing National Intelligence Estimates and preparing the President’s Daily Brief, which he briefed one-on-one to President Ronald Reagan’s five most senior national security advisers from 1981 to 1985. In January 2003, Ray co-created Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity.
(Image by  Permission   Details  DMCA
Elizabeth Murray is a former Deputy National Intelligence Officer for the Near East in the National Intelligence Council (NIC) and was a CIA political analyst for 27 years. A member of Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity and the Sam Adams Associates for Integrity in Intelligence, she currently serves as Member-in-Residence at the Ground Zero Center for Nonviolent Action in Poulsbo, WA.
(Image by  Permission  Details  DMCA
Alice Slater serves on the Coordinating Committee of World Beyond War and is the UN NGO Representative of the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation. She is on the Global Council of Abolition 2000 working for a treaty to eliminate nuclear weapons, serves on its International Coordinating Committee and directs its Sustainable Energy Working Group.
(Image by   Permission  Details   DMCA
Jill Stein is a physician, activist, and politician. She was the Green Party’s nominee for President of the United States in the 2012 and 2016 elections. She was a candidate for governor of Massachusetts in 2002 and 2010. In July 2017 she helped lead a peace delegation to Korea.
(Image by   Permission  Details   DMCA
Brian Terrell is a co-coordinator of Voices for Creative Nonviolence. He lives on a Catholic Worker Farm in Maloy, Iowa, and has been a peace activist since 1975, participating in communities of resistance around the US and the world. On September 21st, Brian is returning to the United States from his fifth visit to Afghanistan.
(Image by   Permission  Details   DMCA
Brian Trautman is the treasurer of Veterans For Peace and a lifetime member of the organization. He is a U.S. Army veteran, having served on active duty as a cannon crewmember from 1993-1997.
(Image by   Permission  Details  DMCA
Kevin Zeese is an organizer with Popular Resistance. Its Our Economy, Creative Resistance, and a radio show are all projects of Popular Resistance. Zeese is also an attorney who has been a political activist since graduating from George Washington Law School in 1980.
Sign up now to reserve a spot at the conference.

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David Swanson is the author of “When the World Outlawed War,” “War Is A Lie” and “Daybreak: Undoing the Imperial Presidency and Forming a More Perfect Union.” He blogs at and and works for the online (more…)


Compared to the Benefits of Peace, Spending Money on War Is Insane

September 13, 2017

OpEdNews Op Eds 9/12/2017 at 20:38:11

By Robert Anschuetz Message Robert Anschuetz Permalink
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From World Peace | It doesn’t matter if they say that world peace | Flickr1024 Ö 576 – 254k –
World Peace | It doesn’t matter if they say that world peace. | Flickr1024 Ö 576 – 254k – jpg
(Image by Permission Details DMCA

While war is perceived by many as an inherent institution of the nation state, few people fail to recognize and regret the horror, death, destruction, suffering, and misery it inflicts. Another consequence of war, however, is less often considered, though it is in the long run even more damaging to the cause of human well-being. That is the waste of resources in preparing for, and waging, war that could otherwise be used to help meet the physical, economic, social, and cultural needs of ordinary people.
According to a reliable online information source , the U.S. accounted for 37 percent, or about $592 billion, of the more than $1.6 trillion in world military spending in 2015. (See That outlay amounts to roughly the size of the next seven largest military budgets combined. (On September 11, 2017, a new defense spending authorization bill calling for a budget of $692 billion in fiscal year 2018 was introduced into the U.S. Senate.) Moreover, it has been estimated that overall annual U.S. military spending is actually about $1 trillion, when funding is counted not only for the Pentagon but for Homeland Security and other related government departments and agencies. In addition, the U.S. has spent approximately $2 trillion in direct costs for the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. That figure is itself raised to an estimated $6 trillion when indirect expenditures are added–such as future care of veterans and lost domestic investment opportunities.

If those dollars were made available instead for investments to meet the direct needs of people, a substantial portion could be used in our own country to help adequately fund two important projects: the long-neglected rebuilding of our crumbling physical infrastructure, and systematic progress toward a more cost-effective and environmentally-healthy green economy. Besides making life better for everyone, both investments would generate millions of new, good-paying jobs. Other diverted defense dollars could be used to fund projects abroad that help meet the basic needs of underdeveloped countries–such as food, clean water, medicine, agriculture, sustainable energy, and education. Those initiatives could greatly enhance the American image with the people of those countries, and, by providing young males a basis of hope for the future, reduce the allure of political extremism and help ease the threats to our own country posed by international terrorism.

The diversion of defense funds to meet human needs would also eliminate two deleterious characteristics of the war industry:

— It is economically unfair. It shuttles public funds into increasingly privatized industries, which are subject to little public accounting and tend to place huge profits in the hands of corporate owners and directors.

— It endangers both the environment and human survival. The U.S., with only 5% of the world’s population, consumes a quarter to a third of the world’s oil and other natural resources–much of it needed for war-making. This rate of consumption will ruin the earth’s climate and ecosystems long before its supply of fossil fuels and other natural resources are exhausted. Moreover, we can’t in any case continue to make use of the weapons produced by the war industry to further our exploitation of the natural resources of foreign lands. If we accept the scientific consensus that global warming is real and produced by human activity, our survival depends on a shift to renewable energy, or on the use of less energy. And that depends in turn on investing public funds now wasted on the preparation for war in efforts to find clean-energy solutions.

A Decline in War Spending Is Also a First Step Toward Peace and the End of War

Another potential benefit of U.S. demilitarization is suggested by the results of a global survey conducted by WIN/Gallup International and released in 2014. In a poll of residents in 68 countries, 24 percent of the countries ranked the U.S. as the greatest threat to world peace. The U.S. ranking was followed by Pakistan at 8 percent, China at 6 percent, and four countries (Afghanistan, Iran, Israel, and North Korea) tied at 5 percent. (See

Given this highly disproportionate fear of U.S. aggression, a demonstrated U.S. commitment to demilitarization might well trigger a reverse arms race by nations throughout the world. This is the more likely, because no other countries (and that includes Russia!) are aggressively seeking to maintain a global empire, and therefore probably maintain a military establishment only for reasons of defense and/or national pride. In the absence of an American threat, such nations might be only too happy to divert funds now spent on defense to investments that develop their own economic strength and meet other needs of their population. To make that possible, they could then seek to negotiate legally-binding bilateral or multilateral agreements for gradual disarmament.

If such a course were pursued, it is highly probable that, among nuclear states, including the U.S., nuclear weapons–the most dangerous, costly, and least likely to be used of all weapons–would be the first to go. That result would not only finally put an end to a now seven-decades-old nuclear nightmare, but encourage consideration of further benefits that can be obtained by the elimination of all weapons of war.

From the standpoint of physical security, the most important benefit of disarmament would be a massive reduction in the use of climate-damaging fossil fuels. To recap three points made earlier: 1) The development, testing, and use of military weapons consume vast amounts of fossil fuels. 2) Gaining or maintaining access to oil resources from which the fossil fuels derive can be a significant factor in instigating war. And 3) The U.S. Department of Defense is the biggest single consumer of fossil fuels in the world. In light of these realities, Americans need to ask themselves two questions: Why should we continue an institution of mass killing in order to maintain access to natural resources that will ruin the earth if war doesn’t destroy it first? And, if we are going to adequately counter climate change and environmental collapse, aren’t we going to need the nearly $2 trillion a year the world now spends on preparing for war?

A shift in public spending from war to peace could also promote unprecedented international cooperation in helping to meet the real needs of people around the world. Here are some ideas I’ve picked up in my research:

By diverting $500 billion of the roughly $1 trillion we now spend annually on war to meet the real needs of Americans, we could end college debt, provide housing for everyone, rebuild our physical infrastructure, and fund sustainable green energy and agricultural practices.
With the other $500 billion, we could provide the world with food and water, green energy, infrastructure, topsoil preservation, environmental protection, schools, medicine, cultural exchange programs, and the study of peace and non-violent conflict resolution.
Even much smaller investments to help poor or underdeveloped countries around the world could pay huge dividends:

— Today, the U.S. spends just $23 billion a year on non-war-related foreign aid. It would cost just $7 billion more–about $30 billion a year–to end starvation and hunger around the world, and $11 billion a year to provide clean water to all populations in the world that don’t now have it.

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— By raising this spending to $100 billion, we could save many lives, greatly reduce suffering, and make ourselves the most beloved nation on earth–perhaps even removing ourselves thereby as a target of terrorist attacks. For fairness, however, even such a modest investment aimed at global rescue and well-being should also include the struggling millions in our own country.

As suggested by the global poll that picked the U.S. as by far the greatest danger to world peace, it seems evident that at least much of the world wants nothing to do with America’s current role as the world’s policeman. What it does undoubtedly want is what most Americans want for themselves: to live in peace, to enjoy a decent standard of living, and to have opportunities to develop and apply their own creative talents. It is perhaps an interesting irony that by diverting our defense dollars from policing the world to helping our fellow humans live a better life, we can best ensure our own security.

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A Choice We Have To Make

War seems to me an obvious product of the nation we live in. America consists fundamentally of interlinked centers of economic, social, cultural, media, military, and political power that operate within an overarching national system dedicated to controlling the world in its own interest. Each of these centers is characterized by a prevailing group-think that is reinforced by competitive careerism. You have to go along not only to get along–but to get ahead. This mindset ensures that each center of power toes the system line, leaving its functionaries little capacity to empathize with those outside the power system or to walk a mile in their moccasins. As expressed in international relations, that same mindset leads all of the power centers–including the mass media, who should be America’s conscience!–to demonize adversaries, stand averse to conciliation with them, and to consider war a natural option for advancing the nation’s interests.

I had an experience the other day, however, that renewed my hope that things can change. I watched a short video that offered a glimpse into an elementary-school classroom in Russia. The focus of that glimpse was a young chap who asked an American visitor in halting, but understandable, English how American kids at age ten celebrate Halloween. He wanted to know especially about the trick-or-treat aspect, revealing that, when he had made that a part of his own Halloween practice in Russia, people didn’t open their door.

In watching the video, I was struck by how completely the innocence, friendliness, and eagerness to please of the Russian school children resembled that of the children in American elementary-school classrooms I have visited as a father and grandfather. That perception of the common humanity of our species behind its cultural differences reminded me again of why war, or even the threat of war, is an abomination. I find it difficult to accept that the friendly outreach of the little boy in the Russian classroom, and by children throughout the world, should ever give way to an acceptance of war as a natural part of human outlook and behavior. As those of us who hate war pursue the challenging, though we believe not unattainable, goal of its worldwide abolition, we too, like the civil rights marchers of the 1960s, have to keep our eyes on the prize. It can be found every day in the eyes of all the cute children of the world who reach out to it with curiosity and expectation.

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In retirement, Bob Anschuetz has applied his long career experience as an industrial writer and copy editor to helping authors meet publishing standards for both online articles and full-length books. In work as a volunteer editor for OpEdNews, (more…)

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