Japanese nuclear policy

Dear Friends,

One of my best friends widely known and respected has addressed me today the following message.

<Very distressed to see Japan veering away from its foundational principles.

I agree with you that nuclear weapons disarmament has to be linked to the dismantlement of civil nuclear power.

But our voices are lonely cries in the wilderness.>


It is indeed a pity that Russia continues to challenge the peace movement.

A punishment is unavoidable and hopefully approaching.

We are pinning our hope on the teachings of philosophy.

Prime Minister Kishida announced 5 days ago new nuclear policy that includes not only the restarting relevant reactors,

but also the construction of new reactors and the development of new types of reactors.

The news struck the Japanese like a bolt from the blue.

As you may know, Japan faces a serious crisis, one of the aspect of which is the deepening influence of

the multiple contaminations emanating from

(a)         radioactivity due to the failure of the reactor design to consider the probability of a tsunami,

and the failures of containment efforts after the Fukushima

(b)covid 19 pandemic

(c) a sect of Korean origin

(d) worldwide nuclear village.


The new nuclear policy clearly shows regrettably the outstanding and overwhelming influence of the nuclear village.

Civil society is naturally standing up against this sudden and imprudent change of policy.

Based on the law of history, we can foresee the difficulties in wait for the new nuclear policy

not devoid of immorality inherent to nuclear power.

I hasten to remind you of our new important suggestion to consider the departure from nuclear reactors as a prerequisite to

denuclearization, and combine this movement with that calling for banning nuclear reactors, making thus the combined movement

visible and convincing.

Please allow me to count on your understanding and support.

With best wishes,

Mitsuhei Murata,

Former Ambassador to Switzerland

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