What should we do to avoid global catastrophe? 私達は地球の破局を避ける為に何を為すべきか?

What should we do to avoid global catastrophe?

The Doomsday Clock is ticking closer to the doom of the world as a result of Putin’s Russian invasion war, with nuclear threat, from the previous 100 seconds before midnight when Trump became the president of the U.S. The most urgent need is to avoid nuclear war and an increase in nuclear arsenals. Nuclear holocaust can happen at any moment due to madness, miscalculation, mishaps, terrorism, etc. We have other problems to deal with as well to avoid doom: global warming, mass extinction of species, militarism, dictatorship, starvation, pollution, poverty, expansion of the difference between the poor and the rich, etc.

All these problems come from artificial unidirectional pyramidal civilizations desiring for money, matter, and might with the Five Calamities of delusion, bondage, discrimination, exploitation, and extermination. Civilization (= urbanization, from civitas, city or citadel with walls for wars, etc.) has advanced societies, sciences, technologies, etc., with problems from five millennia of Social Revolution. The root of them is the delusion of the self as substance and sovereign, which leads to desire and divisiveness (Triple Poisons), which came from human karma (action, habit, heredity), which evolved through four billion years.

The solution is in a paradigm shift from civilization to a natural, cyclical, life-oriented Indra-net culture for life, heart, and harmony with the Five Blisses of awakening, freedom, equality, friendship, and peace, a Spiritual Revolution initiated by Religions (from religare: reunion with holiness: wholly wholesomeness). Religions have provided ethical rules and now a Global Ethic for all to follow. The global problematique must be solved globally in holy truth, goodness, and beauty of life, heart, and harmony beyond race, religion, nation, ideology, etc., which are sectional, secular, and sammuti (convention / fictition).

So long as we have nuclear weapons and power plants, we cannot avoid mishaps and miseries caused by them with nuclear holocaust and radiation. The Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons is now in force with more nations joining it. The nuclear deterrence theory is negated by the Russian invasion war with its veto power at the U.N. Security Council. The global community needs to abolish nukes, wars, militarism, dictatorship, domination, etc., with a renewed U.N. and its charter, and it needs enforcing systems as well as a Universal Declaration of Human Responsibilities. In this all people must participate in awakening and actions.


  1. Please refer to a Paradigm Shift from Pyramidal Civilization to Life Indra-net Culture:


  1. Awakening in nirvana is possible for anyone by still sitting, stilling karma (= nirvana, stilling the Triple Poisons), seeing the Dharma of Dependent Co-origination, serving and saving all.
  1. If we understand the Dharma of Dependent Co-origination well enough, we can understand the ultimate truth of the Five Fictions of Self, Society, Status, Species, and Symbolism and of the Five Fictitious Bodies of nations, corporations, religions, media, and education. We can thus shift from ego to eco, sin to holiness, karma to Dharma, Civilization to Culture, etc.
  1. The Dharma of Dependent Co-origination is essentially equivalent to the causal law modern natural sciences employ as the basic rule in study and application. The important difference between them is that the former stresses limitless conditions and their effects on the usually-taken linear cause and effect, and applies it to subjects of change, normally applied only to objects in the latter. The Indra-net, whose crystal balls on all knots reflect all other crystal balls limitlessly, illustrates the Dharma of Dependent Co-origination. We must change in the changes we want, as Gandhi said. We must awaken and act in the shift from ego to eco, sin to holiness, etc., actively engaged with others. We can start ourselves, our local, regional, national, global communities, organizations, networks, SNSs, media, etc. to change, co-work, interconnect, decrease, and abolish nukes, wars, dictators, etc.

5. Religions provided the ethical rules like the Five or Ten Precepts, the  Ten Commandments, and the

the Parliament of the World’s Religions in Chicago in 1993 issued a Global Ethic (with the four

directives from the four of the Five Precepts (no killing, no stealing, no lying, and no sexual

misconduct, rephrased into equal cooperation between women and men) requesting U.N. to

publicize the Universal Declaration of the Human Responsibilities as a counterpart of the Universal

Declaration of the Human Rights.

6. “Global Problematique” means the intertwined global problems of global warming, mass extinction

of species, etc.

7.   U.N. should be renewed by making it more equal (by population), changing the Security Council’s              permanent membership and the veto power of the past five united (allied) nations, etc., and

strengthening the International Court of Justice, International Criminal Court, with powers of


8.  Any one living being is a creation, sustenance, and cessation of the whole world since its creation,            unique and irreplaceable, valuable and equal, thus no one has the right to kill, harm, etc., much less            annihilate all beings in the world into its doom. That’s why we must abolish nukes, wars,

dictatorship, etc., avoiding the blind belief in the Five Fictions, the Five Fictitious Bodies, etc.




解決は文明から、宗教(religion: 聖:全体健全との再結合:religare




  1. 金字塔文明から命帝網文化への枠組転換についてはこちらをご覧ください:


2. 涅槃における覚醒は静坐により、業を静め(=涅槃:三毒を静め)、法を見、一切に奉仕し救うことは誰にもできます。

3. 私達が十分良く縁起の法を理解すれば自我、社会、地位、種族、象徴主義の五仮構と国家、企業、宗教、メディア、教育の五仮構体の究極的真理を理解できます。

4. 縁起法(因縁生起の法は本質的には現代諸科学が研究と応用に使用する因果法と同等です。両者の重要な違いは前者が、後者において通常は直線的に原因(因)-結果を理解するのに対して、結果に対する無限の条件(縁)を強調することであり、後者が客体(対象)だけに適用するのに対して、主体(自分)に適用することです。網の結び目の水晶球が無限に他の水晶球を反映する帝釈網は縁起法を例示しています。ガンジーが言う通り、私達は希望する変化の為に自ら変わらなければならなりません。私達は行動して他者と関わり、エゴからエコへ、罪から聖へ等への転換において覚醒し活動しなければなりません。私達は自分達、地方、地域、国家、地球の共同体、組織、ネットワーク、SNS,メディア等と関わり、協働し、繋がり、核、戦争、独裁者などを減らし、廃絶するよう始めましょう。

5. 宗教は五戒、十戒、十戒(命令)など倫理規則を持っていましたが、1993年シカゴにおいて世界宗教   会議は五戒(不殺生、不偸盗、不妄語、不邪淫は男女平等協力と変えて)を(誰でも守るべき)五教令からなる地球倫理宣言を発出し、国連に世界人権宣言の対応物として世界人務宣言を発布するように要請しました。


7. 国連はそれを(人口により)更に平等にし、安全保障理事会の旧連合国である常任理事国とその拒否権を変える等をし、国際司法裁判所と国際刑事裁判所とその執行力を強化するなど更新すべきです。

8. 如何なる生物も全世界の創世以来の創造、維持、停止物であり、独特で代替不能であり、価値あり、平等であり、それ故誰も殺し、害する権利は無く、ましてすべての存在物をその世界から破滅させ終末に至らせることなど在ってはなりません。それ故核、戦争、独裁主義等を廃絶し、五仮構や五仮構体を妄信してはならないのです。











Nuclear Weapons – A Time-Lapse History:

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