World Ethic Forum: Establish Ethic, Maternal Culture & Abolish War, Nukes

The lack of ethics, universally prevalent, requires a solution.
Dear Friends,


The Ukrainian crisis has proven that the paternal civilization, if combined with

the lack of ethics, brings about a war !


The UN, now considered totally incompetent because of the right of veto accorded to the 5 members of the Security Council, could regain confidence by realizing the UN Ethics Summit, whose trinity goals are the establishment of global ethics, the shift of the current paternal civilization to a maternal one, and the ultimate realization of denuclearization.


Civil society, devoid of power, can only depend on the will of heavens and the earth that protects humanity and the earth  and the law of history that does not allow immorality to last indefinitely.

The recent development in Ukraine is encouraging in this regard.


The lack of ethics, universally prevalent, requires a solution as soon as possible.

The World Ethicforum in Pontresina, Switzerland Aug 25 – 28, 2022 is quite  opportune.

Moreover, an emerging move to create a civil UNO in this connection also deserves  special  attention.


With warmest and highest regards,

Mitsuhei Mutata

Dear Mr. Bardill, 


I have rejoiced to receive your kind and considerate message.

Concerning  the culture of radically shared aliveness, I am convinced that nuclear reactors and nuclear weapons, together with environmental destruction and climate change, constitute the greatest threats to aliveness. What helps best to realize this culture is the following;

  1. Radical shift of the top priority from that of economy to that of life,
  2. Abolition of all nuclear reactors
  3. Attainment of denuclearization


Concerning your request to name potentially interested people, let me recommend Dr. Scilla Elworthy with whom I had the pleasure of

cooperating in the establishment of “Rising Women, Rising World”. I am pleading for replacing the current paternal civilization based on

power and domination by a maternal civilization based on ethics and solidarity.

I am so thankful for inviting me to participate in the Forum .

Please allow me to take time before answering definitely.


I am fully ready to cooperate with you for the success of the Forum awaited by the whole world.


With warmest and highest regards,

Mitsuhei Murata

Former Japanese Ambassador to Switzerland



Subject: Re: World Ethicforum in Pontresina/ Switzerland Aug 25 – 28, 2022

Dear Professor Murata,

I have received advice from Andreas Nidecker to contact you regarding our WorldEthicForum, which will take place in Pontresina from August 25-28, 2022.

The  main thrust of our event: We want to bring a culture of radically shared aliveness to the world. (Please see explanation and details in the attached manifesto paper below).

The congress schedule is as follows:

25 – 27th 8th Discussion and presentation of the principle and realization in relation to a culture of radically shared aliveness.

(with 50 – 100 firekeepers (activists, realisers).

27th. 8th Exchange with Leaders from business, science and politics, who are open to the main thrust of the forum. In the evening big stage for in-depth and breadth discussion of shared liveliness.

28th Adoption of Manifesto for the Culture of Radically Shared Liveness.

We are still looking for leaders, speakers and „topshots“ and would be happy to have them for the whole event or just parts of it. In this context it would be a honour, if You Professor Murata would be able to join us. Your idea to invite former German Chancellor Angela Merkel surely is important and we will make an effort to alert her to our meeting and invite her. Also we would be grateful for any further names of potentially interested persons (politicians, business, sciences) among your acquaintances, and we would be glad for and further advice your could give us.

With great pleasure I await your kind answer.

Linard Bardill
Cresta 8
CH 7412 Scharans
+41 79 444 82 43

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