At doom’s doorstep: It is 100 seconds to midnight

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Was this email forwarded to you? Sign up here to stay current.Jan. 20, 2022 ​​​2022 Doomsday Clock timeDOOMSDAY CLOCKAt doom’s doorstep: It is 100 seconds to midnightThe members of the Bulletin’s Science and Security Board find the world to be no safer than it was last year at this time and therefore decided to set the Doomsday Clock once again at 100 seconds to midnight.

This decision does not, by any means, suggest that the international security situation has stabilized. On the contrary, the Clock remains the closest it has ever been to civilization-ending apocalypse because the world remains stuck in an extremely dangerous moment. In 2020 we called it the new abnormal, and it has unfortunately persisted.
  WATCH NOWDOOMSDAY CLOCKRead the 2022 Doomsday Clock statementLast year, despite laudable efforts by some leaders and the public, negative trends in nuclear and biological weapons, climate change, and a variety of disruptive technologies—all exacerbated by a corrupted information ecosphere that undermines rational decision making—kept the world within a stone’s throw of apocalypse. Global leaders and the public are not moving with anywhere near the speed or unity needed to prevent disaster.
Leaders around the world must immediately commit themselves to renewed cooperation in the many ways and venues available for reducing existential risk. Citizens of the world can and should organize to demand that their leaders do so—and quickly. The doorstep of doom is no place to loiter. Read the full statement.SPECIAL TOPICS#TurnBackTheClock social media challengeWe want to hear about the actions that inspire you and how we can work together to save the world. The Bulletin believes that because humans created these threats, we have the obligation and opportunity to fix them. So, in the 75th year of the Doomsday Clock, we’re asking people to share their ideas on social media about what can be done to turn back the Clock. Learn more.BULLETIN EVENTSVirtual program: At doom’s doorstep Engage with the experts who set the iconic Doomsday Clock. On Feb. 4, join Bulletin Science and Security Board members Robert LatiffSuzet McKinneyRobert Socolow, and Jon Wolfsthal in conversation with Bulletin President and CEO, Rachel Bronson about the factors that went into setting the 2022 Doomsday Clock time. Register now.  Doomsday Clock book GIFDoomsday Clock at 75 book

This coffee table book explores the powerful symbol of the Doomsday Clock, and how it has impacted culture, politics, and global policy—and helped shape discussions and strategies around nuclear risk, climate change, and disruptive technologies.
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