Call for an UN Ethics Summit

Dear Friends,

I hope all goes well for you.

I have recently pointed out that the Tokyo Olympic Games shares the same
roots as those of nuclear reactors.

No wonder the Tokyo Olympic Games has totally ignored the Fukushima nuclear
accident, and consequently the relevant dangers of radioactivity.

Civil society has learned that there exists a peculiar international
background that prevents, in any country, the final departure from nuclear reactors.

Japan is a case in point.

In spite of the Fukushima nuclear accident of 2011,the infamous “nuclear
village” remains intact, continuing to promote nuclear energy and nuclear

Civil society has thus reached the conclusion that Japan could get rid of
nuclear reactors only in an international framework.

This explains the recent increasing call and support for holding an UN
Ethics Summit as soon as possible.

I am attaching the proposed text of  a joint statement approved by
outstanding personalities including a number of former Prime Ministers, but,
for lack of time, failed to be finalized. In view of the increasingly
menacing natural disasters, the dangers of more than 400 nuclear reactors

in more than 30 countries alone justify the urgent holding of the above-mentioned
Ethics Summit.

Please allow me to count on your understanding and support.

With warmest greetings,

Mitsuhei Murata

Former Japanese Ambassador to Switzerland

March 11, 2014

Joint Statement promoting March 11 as an International Day
of Global Ethics

The lesson of Fukushima is that we should not use any scientific technology
susceptible of causing such damage that human society cannot endure,
irrespective of the figures of probability of accident, unless the risk is
completely zero.

Any conduct that permits radioactive contamination would create
incalculable harm to mankind and the earth almost permanently. It should be
condemned as lacking ethics and responsibility.

Japan, alas, has been the victim of both military and civil use of nuclear
energy. After Fukushima, Japan is not only suffering from radioactive
contamination, but also is encountering not easily surmountable difficulties
to bring the disastrous consequences of the accident under control.

It is recognized clearly that nuclear technology is indivisible and cannot
be separated between the military and the civilian sectors. We believe that
Japan now has the historical mission to plead for the complete nuclear
abolition, both military and civil. It is the lesson of Fukushima.

From this point of view, we would like to propose the following:

1. The I.A.E.A .that is given an incompatible mission of preventing nuclear
proliferation and promoting nuclear power generation should be reformed.

2. International control over the safety of existing nuclear plants must be

The present crisis confronting mankind is a crisis of civilization. We
should transform this civilization – the civilization of power based on
‘paternal culture’ – into a civilization of harmony based on ‘maternal
culture’ that gives the supreme value to life.

The deeply-rooted cause of the crisis confronting mankind is the
universally prevalent lack of ethics. It is against fundamental ethics to
abuse and exhaust natural resources that belong to future generations and
leave behind permanently poisonous waste and enormous financial debts.
Nature and resources of the world are being exploited without regard for the

.Without establishing global ethics, we cannot create future civilization
of mankind that leaves behind the beautiful planet for succeeding

In this spirit, we stand for convening a United Nations Ethics Summit and
creating an International Day of Global Ethics as is called upon by WFUCA.
We fully support the official declaration of WFUCA to make 3.11 the UNESCO
World Day of Global Ethics, inviting the international community to support
this idea. We believe that this Summit will pave the way toward the vision
of President Obama for the” World without Nuclear Weapons”.

This International Day for Global Ethics will allow us every year to renew
our determination never to resort to war as a solution to conflict.

We must prepare to make the short term sacrifices in our lifestyles for the
long term safety of mankind and the earth without nuclear energy. Natural
and renewable energies could constitute the basis for a new civilization
based on ethics and solidarity that respects the environment and the
interests of future generations.

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