Bach, Go Back: Radicalization of the opposition against Olympic priorities


Dear President Thomas Bach,


As you may know, at present, many Japanese in southern Japan have been forced to abandon their homes in order to save their lives in the face of unprecedented rainfall. The current pandemic is like this unprecedented rainfall with the exception that all Japanese are exposed to the possibility of becoming ill or even dying. 


Unfortunately, we cannot control the rainfall, but we can, at least, take measures to control the illness and death resulting from the pandemic. In order to save the lives of as many Japanese and young athletes from throughout the world as possible. It is not too late to cancel the upcoming Olympic Games. As the attached newspaper article published in a popular influential evening paper ”Yukan Fuji” makes clear, you, too, would do  well to return to your home country as soon as possible. The majority of the Japanese people can no longer refrain from radically expressing their opposition to placing further demands on Olympic priorities over and above the safety of the Japanese people and foreign athletes.


With highest regards,


Mitsuhei Murata

 Former Japanese Ambassador to Switzerland


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Comment: Time magazine, July 19/16 issues remarked, ”—tarnish this year’s Olympics as an exercise in folly amid a pandemic that claimed the lives of 4 million people.”


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