Cancel Tokyo Olympics to Control Corona Pandemic

Dear Friends,


Dr. Brian Victoria, a senior research fellow at the Oxford Centre for Buddhist Studies,

and one of my close collaborators, has launched the attached invaluable initiative

“ Cancel the 2021 Tokyo Summer Olympics!”

The confirmed collapse of medical system in Osaka on the brink of turning into a social collapse necessitates the immediate decision of the cancellation of the Tokyo Olympic Games in order to devote the maximum of efforts to cope with the worsening Corona Pandemic.

Please allow me to count on your understanding and support.


Mitsuhei Murata

Former Japanese Ambassador to Switzerland


(Dr. Brian Victoria’s petition)


Cancel the 2021 Tokyo Summer Olympics!

Show your support by signing this petition now      Brian Victoria  


In light of the fact that Japan is currently in the midst of its third coronavirus state of emergency, with no end in sight, we support the desire of some 70-80% of the Japanese people, as expressed in multiple opinion polls, who have expressed their opposition to holding the 2021 Tokyo Summer Olympics. Holding the Olympic games in the midst of an ongoing pandemic will divert precious medical resources away from addressing the medical needs of coronavirus-infected patients, adding to the already unacceptable death toll. We appeal to people of good conscience throughout the world to demand the cancellation of the Olympic games under these circumstances.

Petition Cancel the 2021 Tokyo Summer Olympics!

Petition Cancel the 2021 Tokyo Summer Olympics!


Anti-Olympics campaign gains traction online in Japan

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