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Tokyo Olympic Games


Dear Friend,

I hope all goes well for you.

Recently reported President Biden’s remark that any decision about holding the Tokyo Olympic Games must be based on science is an adamant reaction to FPM Mori’s position “no need to change, as planned at all costs”.

FPM Mori’s disdainful remarks about women of two days ago has given rise to world-wide reactions. His resignation seems unavoidable, bringing about consequences beyond imagination.

The law of history has clearly surfaced, bringing about results long awaited by civil society.

I have added a new meaning to the UN Ethics Summit. It could offer the possibility of recalling the lessons of Fukushima, the elimination of more than 430 existing nuclear reactors that constitutes a most pressing security issue.

You will notice this development in my attached message to President Biden.

His reported statement aboutTokyo Olympic Games that science will decide the American attitude has shocked the Olympic organizers, for it clearly imply the criticism of the Olympic commercialism.

I will stay in contact for further development.

With warmest regards,

Murata Mitsuhei

Former Japanese Ambassador to Switzerland

Comment: FPM Mori announced his resignation at the head of Tokyo Olympic Game Prep. Committee on Feb. 12 (Japan time). Former Ambassador Murata’s letter to President Biden is an encouraging one for Biden to make nukeless world. Let’s work with him and all peace-loving people to realize it, making the Doomsday Clock back from the present shortest 100 seconds to midnight!
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