Wholly Wholesome Way World: Required in Politics, Economics, Society & Culture

Wholly Wholesome Way World: 全体健全な方途世界


I received a picture of the red sky of San Francisco, taken from my son’s home window. Also we saw a video of the wildfire burning just a block away from a Zen teacher in Oregon. I posted it on our blog sites as “the World Is Ablaze!” reminded of the Buddha’s teaching, observing actual burning fire, given to the multitude of his newly converted fire-followers – that the eyes are ablaze, the ears, etc., ablaze. We are on the verge of the “destruction of the world” by humans as the Buddha warned, starting his mission to avoid it. We must know what humanity, life, etc., is to solve our urgent problem.


We have definitions of human nature or characteristics of homo sapiens, homo socialis, home faber, home symbolicum, etc. We may roughly assign truth (language, science), goodness (morality, ethics), beauty (art, technology), and holiness (philosophy, religion) to them. These enabled humans to survive, prosper, and dominate the globe, but also to destroy it into extinction any time now. Hominids developed their heads (esp. brains) and limbs (esp. hands) to evolve their minds and bodies, languages and tools, developing sciences and technologies, extending their mental scope and physical sphere.


Humans thus developed civilization (urbanization, from civitas, cf. citadel: walled city), fighting for matter and might (represented by money) for wealth and utility, creating colonies, classes, wars, wreckage, etc. To solve these problems, they started a spiritual or culture revolution with the heart for harmony (esp. religions, from religare: reunion with holiness: wholly wholesome way world), clarifying and cultivating human nature. The Awakened Way was to awaken to it, especially the fundamental problem of karma (action, habit, heredity), especially its Triple Poisons (desire, divisiveness, delusion).


Our delusion of the (self-same, self-sovereign) Self (leading to divisiveness and desire) creates negative // positive, enemy // friend, etc., but awakening to karma allows perspective for all in one world, a spectrum from white to black, zero to infinity, etc., about things (still/animate), values (good / bad, truth / goodness / beauty / holiness), etc. Through cultivation we create culture, beyond animal life with its survival instinct. Religions have tried to reunite to holiness from sin. Their ideal figure is “friend” (Mitra, Mithra, Messiah, Maitreya, etc.). We need such ones with holiness in all spheres (society, politics, economy, etc.).


September 19, 2020 C.E. Dharma note






人間達はこうして、豊富と利便の為に物と力(金に代表)を求めて争い、植民地、階級、戦争、破壊などを生み、文明(civilizationはcivitas都市に由来し「都市化」の事参考citadel 城市:城壁に囲まれた都市)を発展させました。これらの問題を解決する為に人間達は調和(特に宗教:religionはreligareに由来し聖即ち全体健全な方途・世界に再結合する宗教が前衛)の為に心で精神革命即ち文化革命を始めました。覚道はそれに目覚め、特に業(行為、習慣、遺伝)、中でもその三毒の根本問題に目覚める事でした。

私達の(自己同一、自己主宰である)自我の迷妄(これは分離と欲望に導く)はマイナス/プラス、敵/友など(完全な分離・別物という考え)を生みますが、(それ言語・感情など)業(によるものと)の覚醒は一切が一つの世界であり、物(生物・動物)、価値(善・惡、真・善・美・聖)などの白から黒まで、ゼロから無限までなどのスペクトル(連続体)であるという視野を可能にします。修養によって、生存本能(のみ)の動物生活を越えて、(それを超越する真善美聖など)文化を生みます。宗教は罪(分離病患)から聖への再結合を試みて来ました。その理想的像は友(Mitra, Mithra, Messiah, Maitreya、弥勒など)です。私達は(社会、政治、経済など)あらゆる分野でその様な人々を必要としています。


2020共通年9月19日 法語







This picture was taken about 9:30 a.m.
















The above picture was taken about 11:55 a.m.

“Notice how bright the room light is in comparison to the light from the window.”

(The above notes are my son’s.)



























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