WBW News & Action: Nine Nuclear Nations

WBW News & Action: Nine Nuclear Nations

World BEYOND War News & Action

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We’re joining organizations from around the world to send an urgent appeal to the presidents, prime ministers, and legislatures of nine nuclear nations: China, France, India, Israel, North Korea, Pakistan, Russia, the United Kingdom, and the United States, to each commit to a nuclear policy of no first strike, to sign and ratify the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons, and to collectively agree to immediately begin disarming on a schedule to completely eliminate all nuclear weapons from the earth no later than August 6, 2045. Click here to read the appeal in several languages, to see the list of supporters, and to add your name.
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Meet Alessandra, our new Social Media Manager!
From Italy, now living in The Netherlands, Alessandra Granelli recently joined the World BEYOND War team to manage our social media accounts! You can find her tweeting, posting, and sharing content on World BEYOND War’s TwitterFacebookand Instagram channels. Read Alessandra’s bio here. Welcome Rachel Small, World BEYOND War’s new Canada Organizer! Rachel has organized within local and international social/environmental justice movements for over a decade, with a special focus on working in solidarity with communities harmed by Canadian extractive industry projects in Latin America. Rachel will be taking over our Canada organizing work, overseeing our Canada-based chapters, campaigns, and coalition work. Read Rachel’s full bio here. Follow her on Twitter @rach_smallVolunteer Spotlight: Furquan Gehlen. This month’s volunteer spotlight features Furquan Gehlen, World BEYOND War’s Vancouver chapter coordinator. “I believe that the time for major change is coming. Multiple crises are exposing the problems with the status quo,” says Furquan. Read Furquan’s story.
Get ready for a global day of action.
World BEYOND War Commemorates 75th Anniversary of the Bombings of Hiroshima/Nagasaki August 6 and 9 marked 75 years since the horrendous bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki during WWII. On this solemn occasion, World BEYOND War members around the world came together to learn and discuss the impact of nuclear war and make meaningful the vow: “Never Again.” Among hundreds of actions that took place worldwide to commemorate the bombings, here are a few highlights from World BEYOND War chapters: Japan for a World BEYOND War hosted a candlelight action in Nagoya, featuring speeches and music. Victoria for a World BEYOND War hosted a Hibakusha Remembrance Webinar, with talks by Dr. Mary-Wynne Ashford, Dr. Jonathan Down, and youth activist Magritte Gordaneer. The WBW NYC Metro area chapter sponsored a virtual screening of the powerful film The Vow from Hiroshima, which tells the inspiring story of Setsuko Thurlow, a passionate, 85-year-old survivor of the atomic bomb in Hiroshima. We followed the film screening with a free-form online discussion. In addition to learning about the impact of nuclear weapons and honoring the victims of the bombings, this 75th anniversary compels us to take action to ban nuclear weapons. Accordingly, we publicized Setsuko’s call to action, urging Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to acknowledge Canada’s involvement in and contributions to the two atomic bombings and to ratify the UN Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons. We also published a number of articles and videos on our website about the urgent need for nuclear abolition. Read more here:

Why Do We Still Have the Bomb? by William J. Perry and Tom Z. Collina

Nuclear Hell: 75 Years Since Hiroshima & Nagasaki A-Bombs: Alice Slater, Hibakusha Setsuko Thurlow“A Tragic Illusion” – Did The Atom Bomb Make The United Nations Obsolete Three Weeks After Its Birth? by Tad Daley Hiroshima And Nagasaki As Collateral Damage by Jack Gilroy Who Was Our Worst President? Think About It When A Grim 75th Anniversary Arrives by Paul Lovinger Video: Obstacles to Nuclear Abolition — a discussion with David Swanson, Alice Slater, and Bruce Gagnon
Video: International Press Briefing on Decision to A-Bomb Hiroshima and Nagasaki
Rotaract held a world peace conference on August 8 and 9 with speakers including the international president of Rotary, the former vice president of International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War Ernesto Kahan, and World BEYOND War Education Director Phill Gittins. Watch video here.
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