What if the money for nuclear weapons was used for health care?

Alice Slater
446 E 86 St
New York NY 10028
We may now care for each Earthian individual at a sustainable billionaire’s level of affluence while living exclusively on less than 1 percent of our planet’s daily energy income from our cosmically designed nuclear reactor, the Sun, optimally located 92 million safe miles away from us.   Buckminster Fuller
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From: Beatrice Fihn <beatrice@icanw.org>
Date: Thu, Mar 19, 2020 at 11:34 AM
Subject: [ICAN] What if the money for nuclear weapons was used for health care?
To: ICAN Campaigners <ican-campaigners@googlegroups.com>
Hi all,
As all the words governments are trying to figure out how to cope with this health care crisis, Alicia and Lucero just did some quick calculations and estimates of how many ICU beds, ventilators, nurses and doctors you could get for the money spent on nuclear weapons by the United Kingdom, United States and France. 
The results are attached, feel free to share on social media, and please retweet ICAN’s tweet here
We didn’t do the other nuclear-armed states because we don’t have any reliable numbers for their nuclear arsenals right now, but we will continue to investigate and might put together something for them later. 
Hope this is useful. 
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2 (2).png

1 (2).png
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