April 26 Hibakusha Signature Appeal – More than 10 Million Signatures

April 26 Hibakusha Signature Appeal – More than 10 Million Signatures

10 million votes for the abolition of nuclear arms.

—–Forwarded Message—–
From: ‘Joseph Gerson’
Sent: Mar 2, 2020 11:42 AM
To: gar.smith@earthlink.net
Subject: Hibakusha Signature Appeal – Beyond 10 Million

Help Us Build the Petitions Presentation April 26 Ceremony at Rally’s End


Our April 24-26 World Conference and rally will culminate with the presentation of more than 10 million petition signatures urging nuclear weapons abolition. The petition, initiated by Japanese and Korean A-bomb survivors, and signatures will be presented to the U.N. High Representative for Disarmament  Izumi Nakamitsu and NPT Review President Ambassador Gustavo Zlauvinen.

Please help us to build this important expression of people’s will and power by signing the petition and encouraging your friends and people in organizations you are associated with to sign it.

You can sign the Appeal online

English: https://hibakusha-appeal.net/english/

French: https://hibakusha-appeal.net/french/

If you prefer getting the form in print and ask people to sign on paper, you can download the form:




And, if you can, please join us in submitting the petition at Dag Hammarkjold Plaza on April 26 to the NPT Chair and the UN High Representative. More information will follow on our website: worldconference2020.org

In peace and solidarity,

Joseph Gerson

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