The Radioactive Olympics – Tokyo 2020

Dear Friends,
I am sending you  a strong message against “The Radioactive Olympics”
from Dr.Henrik Paulitz, IPPNW-Germany.
The destructive power in all directions of nuclear energy
imposes telling obvious lies,so immoral and irresponsible !
With warmest regards,
Mitsuhei Murata
Former Japanese Ambassador to Switzerland
Sent: Tuesday, September 17, 2019 7:33 PM
from Henrik Paulitz | IPPNW
Dear supporters and friends of our campaign,
less than a year from now, the radioactive Olympic Summer games in Tokyo
will kick off.
We want to use the time until then to point out the continuing dangers
posed by the nuclear catastrophe in Fukushima as well as the health and
social situation of the people living in the irradiated regions.
The Japanese government is planning to host the Olympic baseball and
softball competitions in the capital of Fukushima Prefecture – a mere 50
kilometers from the destroyed Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear power plant.
The Olympic Torch Relay will commence just 20 kilometers from the plant,
in the so-called J-Village, and lead through areas that are still
contaminated. The National Training Center at J-Village has been
designated by the organizers as the symbol for the “reconstruction” of
the prefecture, and is supposed to create the illusion of a new
beginning for the irradiated region.
On July 24th 2019, we addressed the German Olympic Sports Confederation
(DOSB) in a public even right in front of their headquarter. During a
discussion with their Board, we urged the DOSB to help prevent any
Olympic competitions from taking place in Fukushima-City and prevent the
torch relay from passing through contaminated areas.
Reports, speeches and photos of this event can be found on our website
We would be pleased to be able to support you if you prepare your own
In the context of the Japanese “Recovery and Reconstruction Games”, the
International Olympic Committee and its President Thomas Bach continue
to avoid any reference to the Fukushima nuclear catastrophe and rather
speak of the “Great East Japan Earthquake” as the cause of the current
In the course of our campaign, we have been confronted with a variety of
health-related questions. To address these, we have published a medical
and political statement on the radioactive
Olympics in Tokyo 2020. You will find this statement on our homepage
In out statement you will find an important note on the radioactive
origin of the thyroid cancer in children in Fukushima – a fact is still
being disputed by Japanese authorities, despite ample scientific
evidence. A. Körblein (2018) pointed out that the incidence of thyroid
cancer in the most severely contaminated areas shows a significant increase.
For this reason, our Olympic slogan is:
Fukushima and no end !
Solidarity with those affected !
Please send us your comments and suggestions for our campaign.
Please help us mobilize and distribute this newsletter through your
We are looking forward to further supporters of our campaign
for the campaign
Annette Bänsch-Richter-Hansen
Jörg Schmid
Henrik Paulitz
Alex Rosen
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