The IOC’s assessment of the radiation situation in Japan required

Dear Friends,


I am sending you a most important message of Mr. Akio Matsumura with the statement of Dr.Scott Jones,

distingushed nuclear expert.

As Mr. Matsumura points out, it is indeed of critical importance that the IOC conduct the independent assessment on the radiation situation in Fukushima and Tokyo.

The sense of ethics of the IOC is increasingly questioned for not complying with the legitimate requests from many quarters to verify the infamous “under control “assertion.


The book entiled”Dangers of the Tokyo Olympic Games”in which 25 experts express their views has been published in Japanese.

It will give rise to rections.

Dishonest coverups could no doubt have serious implications worldwide,which must be avoided at all costs.


With warmest regards,

Mitsuhei Murata

Former Japanese Ambassador to Switzerland 


From: Akio Matsumura

Sent: Monday, September 16, 2019 2:57 AM


Dear Ambassador Murata

I am extremely pleased to convey to you the statement of Dr. Scott Jones, a retired naval officer with extensive nuclear weapon experience, Special Advisor to Senator Claiborne Pell.

A man of great insight describes the matter of the 50-year radiation impact to all life on the West Coast .

There are two issues we have to tackle that 1) the reality of the 50-year flow of radioactive wind and contaminated water reaching the West Coast which causes damages to ecology and risk to children, 2) The risk to children and women in Fukushima, and also potential health issues to  participants of the 2020 Tokyo Olympic games. It is of critical importance that the IOC should conduct the independent assessment on the radiation situation in Fukushima and Tokyo.

Yours truly


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Dr. Scott Jones statement 9-15-2019


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