The Olympic Games and the second Tokai Nuclear Plant (Correction: Fukushima)

The Olympic Games and the second Tokai Nuclear Plant

(1. Correction letter below)

(2. Posting before correction: Corrections in Parentheses in red inserted now)
Dear Friends,
You will be shocked by the attached article
by the scale of problems to be surmounted
facing the Tokyo Olympic Games.
Concerning the restarting of the Tokai (correctly Fukushima) second nuclear plant,
the Mainichi Newspaper dated July 20 reports that TEPCO
is to decide within this month to decommission the plant.
The determined efforts of FPM Koizumi seem to have born fruit.
With warmest regards,
Mitsuhei Murata
Sent: Thursday, July 11, 2019 2:22 PM
Dear Friends,
I hope all goes well for you.
I am revealing some meaningful facts about Fukushima.
1.  Former Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama,in his twitter of June 1,criticized
an interim report presented by the Fukushima Prefecture that denies the
influence of radiation on children’s cancer,thus recalling the importance of
ethics to us.
2.  Former Prime Minister is vigorously engaged in pleading for abolishing
nuclear reactors and for promoting natural energies.  He is determined to prevent the restarting of the second Tokai (correctly Fukushima) Nuclear Reactor,  situated only 100 kilometers away from Tokyo. He is to visit the nearby city Hitachi in September to make a speech that could gather thousands of citizens.
3.On June 25, three days before the G 20 Summit in Osaka,white smoke was
observed blowing up near No.6 reactor at the Fukushima Daiichi.
There is  no press report about this up to this day. On 28 June, an acquaintance
informed me of it and a director in charge of the Fukushima Prefecture I
contacted confirmed this and asked me to reassure people that there was
no need for panic.  I sent out a BCC message to this effect.
Why me and not the media !
I have sent a message to Prime Minister Abe to inform him of the fact and
the problem regarding the media.
4.  The floods in Kumamoto in Kyushu actually oblige 1 million residents to
take refuge.  We are reminded that Japan is a super power of natural disasters.
The actual severe heat wave in Europe makes us anxious about the Tokyo Olympic Games taking place in mid-summer.
With warmest and highest regards,
Mitsuhei Murata
Former Japanese Ambassador to Switzerland
P.S. I like Chinese ancient philosopher LAOZI’s warning;”Heaven’s vengeance is slow ,but
There was a problem.
Please try this for the article.
Note: TEPCO formally decided to decomission Fukushima Daini (2nd) Plant.
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