Have the grown-ups killed the Green New Deal?

Have the grown-ups killed the Green New Deal?

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Have the grown-ups killed the Green New Deal?

Yesterday, the United States Senate rejected the Green New Deal. The measure, a non-binding resolution containing ambitious goals but no specific policies, is down but not out. With kids striking for climate action and intense discussion happening over solutions, 2019 may be the year the US finally comes to terms with climate change.

Here are the pros and cons of an historic effort for climate action in the US:

We need a better Green New Deal — An economist’s take
Dan Drollette Jr.

The Green New Deal: One climate scientist’s view, from the other side of the Atlantic
Myles Allen

Why the Green New Deal may include nuclear power
Nathanael Johnson
A field guide to the Green New Deal

Dan Drollette Jr.

Adults won’t take climate change seriously. So we, the youth, are forced to strike.
Maddy Fernands, Isra Hirsi, Haven Coleman, Alexandria Villaseñor

Youth school strikes across the world are just beginning
Rebecca Leber

A generation gap, when it comes to climate change?
Dana Nuccitelli

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Conservatives and Republicans for climate action

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The wages of climate inaction: ever-rising seas
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Resilience and the climate threat
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