Tell Would-Be House Leaders to Give Back Weapons Money


To: Would-Be Leaders of the U.S. House of Representatives 
From: RosanYoshida

We urge you to give back all funding from war profiteers and to committ to not accepting it in the future.

Click here to sign.

These names have been discussed as possible committee chairs or for the positions of Speaker of the House and other leadership positions. Next to each name is the amount of money they’ve taken from the military industrial complex for their 2018 election campaign:

Adam Smith $228,750
Steny Hoyer $163,856
Richard Neal $86,150
Adam Schiff $80,445
Jim Clyburn $69,500
Nita Lowey $68,000
Nancy Pelosi $50,074
John Yarmuth $12,500
Frank Pallone $11,000
Diana DeGette $7,010
Cheri Bustos $6,798
Elijah Cummings $5720
Barbara Lee $2010
Hakeem Jeffries $2,000
Jerrold Nadler $0

Nadler is not alone in taking no money from the war machine. There were 16 House Democrats and 10 House Republicans (but zero Senators) who took no money (PAC or otherwise) from the weapons industry in the most recent election cycle. Those near the bottom of the list above may possibly have merely received donations from employees not coordinated by their employers. They can still refund that money, especially as it is small amounts. Those at and near the top of the list above are shamelessly making themselves the puppets of people profiting from bloodshed.

Add your name to the petition here.


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