36 hours to save the bees


European Union within 36 hours (EU) is, it is possible to ban a pesticide that relegate to the death of the bees! France, the UK, Germany, and 9 other countries, but is in favor of a total ban, to pass this, you need the votes after four countries. Vote is likely to be the last to large head-to-head. Everyone your signature of one person you alone will lead to change. On your signature with one click, we also ask for your cooperation in the campaign diffusion.



Even in this very moment, we have died out a large number of bees in the world. But within 3636 hours from now, the European Union (EU) will be able to ban a pesticide that relegate to the death of the bees!

Scientists and agricultural cooperatives of the world’s top level is seeking a total ban. The European public is also a big way to support this country, is even France, the UK, stand in favor of even a total ban Germany and nine other countries. But in order to win a total ban in a vote that takes place on Friday tomorrow, we must have the vote after the four countries. If passed is realized, it will also be possible to encourage the world to follow the decision of the EU.

EU of the vote is likely to be the last to large head-to-head. Everyone your signature of one person alone gives the pressure on the EU. On your signature, and then I ask you to spread as much as possible the campaign in today:

Click, to ban the pesticides that cause the bees of death!

EU Member States, as well as world leaders and the Minister of Agriculture everyone:

We will ask you to urgently prohibit the use of neonicotinoid pesticides. Bee mortality is, there is a risk that endanger the entire food chain of the Earth. In accordance with the precautionary principle, if you take the measures right now, it should be able to protect the bees from extinction. 

Click, to ban the pesticides that cause the bees of death!

In Europe and the United States, it has died out bees at a phenomenal speed. Bees in order to play a role in pollinating crops, but theentire food chain is in danger!

But, the major chemical companies that manufacture these pesticides, has been lobbying the EU to delay the vote. In contrast, Avaaz members who of European countries, incessantly or appeal to the Minister, or by a campaign ad, we have extended pressure.

In order to protect the bees, let’s build the largest campaign of seeking a total ban of the pesticide. On your signature with one click, we also ask for your cooperation to spread:

Click, to ban the pesticides that cause the bees of death!

In order to realize the ban of neonicotinoid pesticides, Avaaz community has been working for many years. In Europe to win a permanent ban, after coming to a little place. Let’s protect the bees in the swarm of people around the world that was full of hope.

Alice with great hope, Antonia, Lisa, Nick – along with the Avaaz team

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Avaaz.org is a network of people around the world 46 million to expand the campaign.
 Through this network, we are working so that the thoughts and values of people around the world are reflected in the global decision-making ( “Avaaz” in various languages, means “voice” or “song”). Members of Avaaz is Moi to any country around the world. The staff team of Avaaz is, on six continents in 18 countries, we are developing activities in 17 languages. Campaign that Avaaz has succeeded so far here from, also Facebook and Twitter See also.
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