Putin changed the equation, changed the balance of power in the world. Is the US listening?

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Putin changed the equation, changed the balance of power in the world. Is the US listening?

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From youtube.com: Russia: Putin's annual address to Federal Assembly- Part-1 Russia: Putin's annual address to Federal Assembly- Part-1 Russian President Vladimir Putin addressed the country's parliament, speaking about Russia's success in the defense sector, relations
Russia: Putin’s annual address to Federal Assembly- Part-1 Russia: Putin’s annual address to Federal Assembly- Part-1 Russian President Vladimir Putin addressed the country’s parliament, speaking about Russia’s success in the defense sector, relations…
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Russian President Vladimir Putin addressing Russian Federal Assembly, March 1, 2018

Something significant occurred on March 1 that hasn’t received the rightful attention it deserves in the US.

Maybe it’s because it was a speech given by Russian President Vladimir Putin in his annual address to the Russian Federal Assembly [1] .

In that speech Putin changed the equation, changed the balance of power in the world where he revealed new Russian weapon systems that essentially neutralize any US ideas of “Full Spectrum Dominance” and any idea of an American nuclear first strike on Russia or any of its allies.

Peace in the world may not be at hand but I believe with his speech Putin significantly reduced the threat of nuclear war, that an ominous cloud has been lifted.

What he did was resurrect MAD, mutually assured destruction-though not is so many words-the old acknowledgement by the US and the Soviet Union during the cold war that initiating a nuclear war would bring an immediate retaliatory nuclear strike dispelling any notion of initiating a nuclear first strike.

Though Putin’s speech was presented to the Russian Federal Assembly it was partially directed at the Pentagon, in particular over its recent “Nuclear Posture Review” especially the part of using tactical nuclear weapons considered a definite possibility.

To the Pentagon MAD no longer existed. The US would be embarking on a $trillion dollar modernization of its nuclear arsenal as well as continuing to develop its ABM system which in theory at least could intercept any Russian nuclear missile.

Well Putin put a torch to that idea. He said, “Nobody listened to us. Listen to us now”. He revealed many of Russia’s new weapons systems [2] , hypersonic nuclear powered cruise missiles with unlimited range, their advanced capabilities making them virtually impossible to detect, flying at speeds of Mach 10, launched to fly over the north or south poles, a nuclear powered drone submarine capable of descending to depths greater than manned subs, a laser capable of destroying military satellites. Weapons systems making the US Navy’s 13 carrier task forces susceptible to being destroyed from great distances outside the theater of operation.

As Putin stated, “They exist and work really well”. He sees these weapons as guaranteeing peace. We “have no plans to attack anybody”. That he “hopes common sense will prevail”.

Common sense hah!? When talking about “official” Washington does common sense exist?

Of course when official Washington did say anything about Putin’s speech along with its corporate MSM megaphone and all its pundits they derided it, questioned whether the weapons even existed or their capabilities exaggerated. Hmm, Putin is not known to exaggerate. He means what he says. Well par for the course.

Yet how long will it take official Washington, its complicit corporate MSM, the deep state, neo-cons et al to reach the conclusion its attempt at “Full spectrum Dominance” has been thwarted by Russia. Who knows?

Then looking at the reality there’s our US war based economy. Defense contractors have operations in all 50 states with Congressional allies in all of them. They have them by the throat. These sycophants aren’t going to advocate defense contractors leave their jurisdictions shutting down their operations and jobs in their constituencies.

Then there’s the CIA keeping the world unstable, private corporate mercenary contractors-Blackwater, Xi, whatever they’re called now-roaming the world creating havoc along with special ops operations, NGO’s like the National Endowment for Democracy, nothing more than a CIA front operation working to destabilize foreign governments, help initiate coups and overthrow legitimately elected governments-as happened in Ukraine in 2014, now happening in Venezuela, earlier in Iran, Chile, Nicaragua, Guatemala.

Let’s face it the US empire project since the end of WWII has been a complete and utter failure. But admitting failure is not in the US vocabulary, so prone to its own exaggerations, its admitted “exceptionalism”-remember Obama, the “indispensible country” from Bill Clinton’s Secretary of State Madeline Albright plus all the other nonsense of its imagined entitlement to intervene anywhere in the world.

Putin wants diplomatic dialogue with the US in a multi-polar world. That is the reality. Can we respond in kind or remain in denial with our exceptional pretense?

[1] Putin’s annual address to Federal Assembly, State of the Nation Address, RT, March 1, 2018

“Better Nukes for a Safer Planet” by Dmitri Orlov, Information Clearing House, March 12, 2018

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Comment: Violence breeds violence, arms race brings disaster, destruction, and demise depleting everything – eco, eventually ego.

“Better than conquering thousand upon thousand in the battlefield

Is conquering one-self. It is the true conqueror.      –   The Buddha


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