Looming change of China’s energy policy

Dear Friends,


The program entitled “The shocking decarbonizing Revolution” of the NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation) of October 17 continues to draw much attention both at home and abroad.

It adequately presented the new stream of the energy policy of the world. Confronted with the no longer tolerable atmospheric contamination, relevant countries have started to take action. In accordance with this move, major investors have started limiting their investment to enterprises discharging no carbon.

The program reported severe criticism as to the ongoing exportation by Japan of thermal power stations to Asian countries.

We could see a Japanese businessman, and deploring, even shedding tears, the current Japanese policy, returning to 19th century technologies. The most impressive part of the program is the surprisingly ambitious posture of China toward developing renewable energies in line with President Xi Jinpings plea for the Ecological Civilization made at the Party Congress of last October. The worlds biggest solar company, Jinko Solar, satisfies, for instance, the demands of 50 thousand families with millions of solar panels by 50 mega-KW, and envisages to lower the solar energy price to 2.6 yen kw/h.

On December 20, I received the following message from one of very well informed experts about China.

Xi Jing Ping government prepared 2 ten years plans of constructing new nuclear reactors, each envisaging 30.It is virtually impossible to construct 30 reactors in 10 years.

It is now  commonly recognized in China that nuclear energy is neither clean nor cheap. 

China has changed its nuclear policy in favor of renewable energies.

The Chinese Parliament will probably announce a definite new policy next March.

This expert points out that the possible policy change results from an official research about the consequences of a severe nuclear accident in China on one hand, and from the consideration of possible terrorism by Islamic extremists on the other.

I am convinced that the above-mentioned new trend of the worlds energy policy will oblige Japan to re-examine its energy policy. 

The looming change of Chinas energy policy in favor of renewable energies could substantially influence

the mainstream of the world that is yet to learn the destructive power in all directions of nuclear energy.


The law of history will not allow immorality to last long.


With highest and warmest regards,


Mitsuhei Murata

Former Ambassador to Switzerland



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