Trump Plans Confrontation with N. Korea and Iran

ANSWER Coalition
Dear …..,

The U.S. government, under the direction of Donald Trump and a cabinet filled with what he calls “my generals,” is on a path towards war.

The outrageous threats against North Korea, going so far as to use the United Nations podium as the platform to announce U.S. plans to “totally annihilate” the country, cannot be viewed simply as bluster and bluff.

In fact, Trump dispatched three aircraft carrier battle groups to the Asia-Pacific. Republican Senator Lindsey Graham, Trump’s golfing buddy, is insisting that the war should happen and it should happen soon because, as he says, all the dying will be “over there.”

Please show your support for the anti-war movement.

In the next few weeks, the Trump administration will also enact measures to sabotage and destroy the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, also known as the Iran nuclear arms deal. Trump and his cabinet are promoting confrontation with Iran. This plays well with the governments in Israel and Saudi Arabia, but it must be recognized as a grave menace to the people of the region.

Trump is also escalating U.S. support for the Saudi war of genocide against the people of Yemen. Arrogantly proclaiming Jerusalem the capital of Israel was a clear signal to the Israeli government to escalate its war against the Palestinian people.

And it’s not just Trump. The U.S. Congress, with the full support of the Republican and Democratic Party elites, actually expanded the Pentagon war budget $40 billion beyond that which Trump requested for 2018.

I am writing to you with an urgent appeal to show your support for the work of the ANSWER Coalition. The United States needs a vibrant anti-war movement now more than ever. The ANSWER Coalition has shown that it is consistent and effective in mobilizing all across the country – and over a sustained period starting on September 14, 2001, when ANSWER was formed just three days after the September 11 attacks.

ANSWER Coalition volunteers work seven days a week. The level of self-sacrifice and seriousness is what makes the work of the ANSWER Coalition possible. But we urgently need funds. If you can’t be directly involved, you can make an invaluable contribution by providing an urgently needed, tax-deductible donation.

We can do this with you, but not without you. Please donate today.

Brian Becker
National Director, ANSWER Coalition


ANSWER Coalition · United States
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