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The United Nations has asked its member states to observe an Olympic truce during the upcoming February 9-25 Winter Olympics in Seoul, South Korea, and for one week on either side. That would be February 2 to March 4.

South Korea has asked the United States to delay its war rehearsal flights over South Korea until after the truce.

Please click here to sign a petition that can be printed out and delivered to every nation on earth, urging their abstention from war and from provocative war “exercises” during this period, and urging them to continue the truce indefinitely thereafter.

If the world can prove that it can refrain from war during a sports competition, it will have proved that it can do so after the competition as well. If the United States can also refrain from its war “games,” negotiations between it and North Korea may be possible.

This is a serious opportunity to prevent a catastrophic war. Click here to add your name.

Forward this to everyone you can.

After signing the petition, please use the tools on the next webpage to share it with your friends.

— The World Beyond War Team

> UN Resolution

Sign the Declaration of Peace.

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