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Attend #NoWar2017! Or plan your own event, or watch the livestream. Participants in the Sept. 22-24 conference in Washington, D.C., will receive copies of the new edition of A Global Security System and be there for the launch of our new Study & Action Guide (see below). Here are few of the many people who will be there:

Coming soon from World Beyond War!

STUDY WAR NO MORE: A Concerned Citizens Study & Action Guide for “A Global Security System: An Alternative to War”

Watch and share the promotional video:

Study War No More is an online learning tool developed by World Beyond War intended for those concerned with pursuing alternative possibilities to the general futility of war as a means to pursuing peace. It provides guided inquiries and suggests practical actions for students and citizens to understand the nature of “the war system” and the possibilities for its transformation to an authentic “global security system” pursued via peaceful means.

Study War No More is intended to support and expand World Beyond War’s landmark publication: A Global Security System: An Alternative to War (AGSS). Now in its second edition (2016), AGSS will be continually updated to reflect global changes and emergent thinking on approaches to peace and security. AGSS is a required resource for Study War No More.

Coming Soon: Sign-up for Updates! Public Launch in DC at No War 2017 Conference!

Study War No More will launch very soon. Visit and submit your email to be notified when the site goes live!

A public launch will take place at World Beyond War’s No War 2017 Conference — War and the Environment, Sept. 22-24 at American University in Washington, D.C.. Come join us at this important conference addressing how the antiwar and environmental movements can work together.

Who is Study War No More for?
Study War No More is designed for a wide range of audiences. It is appropriate and adaptable for use in or with: upper-level secondary school classes (history, social studies); undergraduate and graduate peace studies programs; community groups; activist groups; faith-based groups; local, state or national government officials; and family dinner time conversation.

Study and Action Partners: Learning directly from the pioneers
We think its important to learn directly from those leaders who are pioneering alternative approaches to security. They’ve laid the foundations for an alternative system and provide inspiration for action. This is why each discussion topic of Study War No More will features a short introductory video from “study and action partner organizations” who are leading global thinkers and doers on the issues and approaches being explored. The work of our partners is also featured in each lesson.

Encouraging dialogue and action!
While there is significant research and experimentation on alternative approaches to security, we are far from having all the necessary knowledge to address the problematique of violence between and amongst nations and peoples. Study War No More recognizes that new thinking and knowledge must be developed if we are to overcome a culture of war. The more who participate in this collective inquiry and dialogue the more likely we are to find appropriate solutions. Study War No More also encourages learners to formulate their own solutions and map out systems for common security – we believe this approach is more likely to encourage ownership and political action to bring these systems into being. Citizen action is absolutely essential for the transformation of the present system.

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