Raising women’s voices for nuclear sanity

It’s time to tear down the old ways of thinking that for generations have led to devastating wars and dangerous arms races. We must make it clear to the Trump administration — which has increased funding for nuclear weapons by 11 percent while slashing healthcare, education and diplomacy — that it does not look or sound like, nor speak for, the whole of American society.

I hope you’ll consider giving what you can to help us elevate new voices to spread this message.


I firmly believe that women are some of our most powerful messengers. Since its founding by disarmament activist Sally Lilienthal in 1981, Ploughshares Fund has recognized women’s significant contributions to peace and security. In recent years we’ve provided over half a million dollars annually to women and women-led initiatives working to rid the world of nuclear threats.

And I’m thrilled to say that starting this year we’re moving forward with a new effort to further amplify women’s voices — and draw out perspectives from a variety of backgrounds — to make our world safe from nuclear threats.

Last month, Ploughshares Fund convened more than 20 women leaders from both inside and outside the traditional arms control community — including leading peace activists, scientists, feminist thought leaders, indigenous leaders and academics — to help kick-start this new initiative.

Even though women have long been active in nuclear disarmament — from Women Strike for Peace who led a 50,000 woman-strong, 60-city march in 1961, to last week’s Women’s March to Ban the Bomb in New York — they have not always been supported or heard. As January’s Women’s March showed, our voices can be extraordinarily powerful in demanding the best of our leaders, and of our democracy.

So please, join us in making sure women’s voices are heard, and in changing the course of our future so that our children and grandchildren can live without the threat of nuclear weapons.

Thanks to one devoted donor deeply concerned about our future, all new and increased gifts will be matched — dollar for dollar — up to $125,000. Please consider a gift today.

Be assured, whatever you can donate will help make a real difference as we meet head-on the challenges before us. Together, I know we can achieve a more peaceful, secure and just world.


Mary Lloyd Estrin, Board Chair
Ploughshares Fund

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Photo: Meredith Horowski, Global Campaign Director, Global Zero; Christine Ahn, founder and International Coordinator, Women Cross DMZ; and Erica Fein, Nuclear Weapons Policy Director, Women’s Action for New Directions
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