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May 24

Peace and Democracy Conference at the Democracy Convention, August 2-6, 2017, Minneapolis

Democracy Convention is a multi-issue convention seeking to build a more unified movement. World Beyond War is organizing the Peace and Democracy Conference portion of it, which will run along with 9 other conferences August 2-6, 2017.

Learn more and register here.

This agenda is a work in progress:

August 2 afternoon: Do People Want Peace? The State of Public Opinion, the Peace Movement, and Governance.
Leah Bolger, Norman Solomon, Kathy Kelly, ______.

August 2 evening: Peace Media.
Maya Schenwar, Bob Koehler, ______.

August 2 evening: Peace Education.
Tony Jenkins, ______.

August 3 morning: Peace Culture and Peace Celebrations: Outgrowing Nationalism, Materialism, Machismo, and Exceptionalism.
Suzanne Al-Kayali, Steve McKeown, Larry Johnson, Kaila Abraham, Timon Jones.

August 3 morning: The Case for War Abolition. Why We Can and Must End Our Greatest Crime.
David Swanson, Medea Benjamin, _______.

August 3 morning: Replacing War Systems with Peace Systems.
Kent Shifferd, Tony Jenkins, Jack Nelson-Pallmeyer.

August 3 afternoon: Peacenvironmentalism. One movement, Indivisible.
George Martin, _______.

August 3 afternoon: Overcoming Racism, Militarism, and the Militarized Police
Monique Salhab, ______.

August 3 evening: Hole in the Ground, Dramatic Reading.
Coleen Rowley, _______.

August 4 morning: Divestment from Weapons Dealers.
David Smith, ________.

August 4 afternoon: Counter-Recruitment: Lack of Rights Within the U.S. Military
Pat Elder, Bob Fantina, Dick Foley.

August 4 afternoon: Building Local Power for Peace.
Mary Dean, _______, _______,

August 4 evening: Building Alliances Across Borders.
Ann Wright, Hyun Lee, plus live Skype to Afghanistan, plus recorded videos from abroad.

August 4 evening: Nonviolence Training.
Mary Dean, Kathy Kelly.

August 5 morning, off-site: Flyering and talking about Frank Kellogg on Kellogg Blvd, and at nearby farmers’ market in St. Paul.

August 5 morning: Acting Through Local Governments.
Michael Lynn, Roxane Assaf, David Swanson, _________,

August 5 afternoon: Ending the Nuclear Nightmare.
Marie Braun, Ellen Thomas, Bonnie Urfer, Alice Slater.

August 5 off-site, tea ceremony

August 6, 7:30 – 8:30 a.m. off site, Hiroshima-Nagasaki Commemoration at Peace Garden at Lake Harriet
David Swanson

August 6 morning: Law vs. War and Global Governance Beyond Nations.
David Swanson, Ben Manski, _______.

August 6: A Charter.
Ann Wright.

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