Ambassador Yagi has replied on Hitler’s Mein Kamph used in schools

Dear Friends,

I hasten to transmit to you Professor von Weizsaecker’s message addressed to me.
I have learned for the first time the belated official statement refered to in the message.

With warmest regards,
Mitsuhei Murata

From: Ernst von Weizsaecker
Sent: Saturday, May 06, 2017 4:15 AM

Dear Ambassador Murata,
thank you for taking my letter to Ambassador Yagi so serious. But now Ambassador Yagi has replied. I attach the German written letter and as attachment a statement by the Japanese Education Ministry. In effect his letter and the ministerial statement deny the correctness of my wording. They explain that the use of passages from “Mein Kampf” is strictly linked to a critical assessment of the Nazi tyranny and a negative meaning, meant to avoid any renewed tragedy of a war.
So I must request you to communicate this correction to the recipients of your circular letter.
Kind regards
Ernst Weizsäcker

3 Attachments

Yagi page 2Yagi page 2Reply by Ambassador Yagi



The Abe cabinet is consistent in pushing nationalism with revising the peace constitution (wants to revise and enact by 2020 adding the SDF in the article 9) and militarism (2015 Japanese military legislation, SDF’s new mission). It decided to allow the Education Rescript (previously prohibited by the legislation), and now “Mein Kamph” by Hitler used in schools (allowed by the judgement of school principles, district education commissions), which will lead to confusions and any interpretations (including nationalistic, militaristic, why not prohibit the undesirable materials like erotic, grotesque ones, which are prohibited from the beginning?)


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