Professor Weizaecker’s letter of protest:PM Abe Allow Hitler’s Mein Kampf in Schools

Dear Friends,

Professor von Weizsaecker’s

expression of his deepest indignation on the use of Hitler’s “Mein Kamph”

in Japanese schools

is very much supported both at home and abroad.

I am sending you attached below some reactions.

Many of my acquaintances are surprised by the silence of the Japanese media and the people on this issue.

They point out the possible strong expression of anger by the Jewish Community on a global scale.

Japan as a whole will never allow the return to the prewar criminal militarism.

Conscientious Japanese will do their best to reverse the dishonorable step as required by Professor van Weizaecker.

I am convinced that top leaders of the world will not remain indifferent, if necessary.

With warmest and highest regards,

Mitsuhei Murata

Former Ambassador to Switzerland

(From European friends )

Dear Mitsuhei,

thank you so much that you made this letter of Ernst U. v. Weizsäcker to PM Abe possible – against this outrageous fact!

With warmest greetings,


Welcome, dear Mitsuhei!

I am so glad Ernst is speaking up against this horrendous decision.

With warmest greetings,


(From Former Asian Minister)

Dear Mitsuhei,

I am shocked to learn that there is a move in Japan to teach Mein Kampf to school children. I do hope this private German intervention will lead to Japan dropping such a dangerous idea.

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