Tell Trump: No War on North Korea

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Donald Trump claims he has no choice but to threaten North Korea with war — a war that would prove disastrous for multiple countries, if not the entire world.

In reality, from all appearances, Trump has no clue as to the choices available or the history at work.

From everywhere in the world, please click here to help educate him — or at least the U.S. media and some of those around him.

The fact that North Korea is a horrific dictatorship does not change the reality that threatening to attack that nuclear-armed country is an extremely reckless policy that gravely risks setting off a cataclysmic catastrophe.

North Korea has repeatedly offered to abandon its nuclear weapons program if the United States and South Korea would stop flying over North Korea practicing to bomb it as well as engaging in other explicitly threatening military exercises nearby.

North Korea has shown interest in developing a peace treaty with the South to finally end the Korean War.

North Korea adhered to an agreement to halt its nuclear weapons program right up until George W. Bush labeled it a member of an axis of evil and viciously attacked one of the other designated members, Iraq.

A lot of such information is unfamiliar to many people. The “Background” links below provide a bit of that information.

Let’s remind Trump and the U.S. media of this context, and of the options it opens up.

When Trump says he’s sending ships to North Korea, people in North Korea with historical knowledge will remember the devastating bombing inflicted on the country by the United States nearly 70 years ago. The U.S. bombed dams, bridges, and villages. It dropped huge quantities of napalm. It dropped insects and feathers infected with anthrax, cholera, encephalitis, and bubonic plague.

The United States has never relinquished wartime command of the South Korean military, and it has been building big new bases in South Korea opposed by serious popular protests. The U.S. is building what it calls a missile defense system in South Korea that North Korea and China consider offensive and part of an offensive first-strike policy. The people of South Korea have been protesting it in huge numbers.

Click here to tell Trump some of the damaging policies that he has the option of halting.

Legally, when North Korea tests missiles it breaks no laws. The United States tests missiles all the time. But when the United States threatens war it commits a grave violation of the law as well as risks getting us all killed.

Let’s chart a different course before it is too late.

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If you are in the United States, you should also phone your two senators today at 1-202-224-3121.

> Bruce Cumings, The Nation, “Korean War Games”
> Dave Chaddock: “This Must Be the Place: How the U.S. Waged Germ Warfare in the Korean War and Denied It Ever Since”
> John DeLury, The Washington Post: “Instead of Threatening North Korea, Trump Should Try This”

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