Nuclear energy and the sickness of Japan

Dear Friends,

The financial support of Tepco for the more than 60 thousand voluntary refugees from Fukushima ended last March.
This has given rise to deep sympathy and sharp criticism as to the irresponsible Japanese nuclear policy
from the standpoint of human rights、humanism and ethics.
Conscientious Japanese will not give up requiring the redressing of the situation.

Some comments so far received;

“Dear Mitsuhei,
so much denial – horrendous. Thank you for sharing this article. May responsibility and common sense prevail!”

“As far as nuclear reactors are concerned,the term”accountability” does not exist in Japan.This is due to the lack of three senses,
the sense of responsibility,that of ethics and that of justice,that is to say, the sickness of Japan.

In the internet,the lack of ethics as regards the Tokyo Olympic Games 2020 is being revealed at its deep roots.Heaven’s vengeance is slow but sure (Lao Tsu).

The warning that “the fate of the world will be decided by electric countries (sic., companies’?)”is finally bringing about countermeasures;an international move to enact legislation against producing radioactivity and a new move against radioactive pollution in Japan.

It is evident that crisis management is now needed to cope with the eventual retreat from the Tokyo Olympic Games 2020, in view of the impact beyond imagination it could cause.

Fukushima could never be hidden or forgotten.
Yesterday, I sent a message to this effect to Chairman Shuichi Tanaka of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

Please allow me to count on your understanding and support.

Mitsuhei Murata
Fomer Ambassador to Switzerland


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