Interview article of Withnews Asahi

Dear Friends,

I have a feeling that the international community is increasingly siding
with the efforts of conscientious Japanese to have Japan consecrate maximum
efforts to cope with the ongoing Fukushima nuclear disaster.

In this connection, I am sending you an impressive article of the Asahi Withnews
based on the interview given to me by Ms.Zhang Rong, Asahi News Paper journalist(Chinese).
It is in Japanese, but the photos showing me in the presence of outstanding figures like Robert McNamara,
Nelson Mandela, Mikhail Gorvachev, Martina Hingis make it symbolic of the international support for my activities
that include the plea for retreating from the Tokyo Olympic Games 2020 in favor of coping with Fukushima.

On April 25,I was interviewed by Mr. Rao Jin,journalist of “April Media”, Chinese Website very popular among the young.
In the interview,I referred to the Unit 2 problem of the Fukushima Daiichi. Ms.Zhang Rong served as an interpreter for the Interview.
Mr. Rao Jin was alarmed and went to kyoto two days later to interview Mr. Shuzo Takemoto, Emeritus Professor of Kyoto University.
He has been warning against the collapsing of the Unit 2 building with intensity 7 or 6 plus earthquakes in perspective,that could make Tokyo uninhabitable. Mr Rao is making a documentary film on the dangers of nuclear reactors.

The Japanese mass media are still silent on the Unit 2 problem.

Please allow me to count on your understanding and support.

With warmest and highest regards,
Mitsuhei Murata
Former Ambassador to Switzerland


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