Has Van Jones Lost His Mind, Or Are Sane People Missing the Point?    


David Swanson via WarIsACrime.org david@davidswanson.org via sg.actionnetwork.org 

Mar 1 (3 days ago)


A few brand new articles and shows below for your enjoyment.

A big thank you to everyone who donated so I can visit Russia. I’ve committed to going, though still haven’t raised enough. I’ll report on the trip as soon as it happens (in May).


Has Van Jones Lost His Mind, Or Are Sane People Missing the Point?

A Sample City Resolution to Resist and Overcome

Our Causes Are Connected, Our Movements Should Be Too

Trump reverses ‘costly, failed war’ rhetoric; gives Pentagon a raise

Nancy Pelosi: Resister Without a Clue. A 10 point rant.

This Is Not Your Grandparents’ Resistance

Talk Nation Radio: Michael Kazin on the Peace Activists Who Warned Against World War I

The Choice Trump’s Budget Creates

Can Canada Get Out of the War Business?

Open Guantanamo!

100 Years of Using War to Try to End All War

Talk Nation Radio: L.A. Kauffman on Direct Action

Ukraine on Fire

Understanding Robert E. Lee Supporters

Trump vs. Spies

Which Washington Crimes Matter Most?

Love Beyond Flags: Nothing More Beautiful


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