Significant Symposium

Dear Friends,

I am sending you the flyer of an important symposium to be held in Switzerland next September.
It could lead to an epoch-making standpoint to consider the production of radioactivity as a crime.
I am attaching a message sent to me from one of the organizers of the symposium.

(Excerpts from the flyer)

“Given the arguments above, the insistence on a civilian nuclear power industry and the holding on to nuclear weapons must be
considered as a crime, as it will inflict the quality of life, the economical status and the rights of people in the future. In fact,
we believe that human rights not only apply to all humans presently living on this globe, but also to those coming after us: the
rights of future generations!”

(Message addressed to me)

“Thanks for this frightening report: what happens in Your country with the lies of TEPCO and the secretive policy of Your Govt. is scandalous. And now this little map which shows an ongoing contamination of the entire Pacific, It is really an „unimaginable“ situation, although the continued leakiage of radioactive water was to be expected. Let us hope, that the discussion on cancelling the Olympics will now become stronger.

Our upcoming symposium in Switzerland „Human Rights, Future Generations and Crimes in the Nuclear Age“ seems to come at the right time and I hope, that perhaps You could participate. I include again the flyer for You—–”
“Heaven’s vengeance is slow,but sure”(Lao Tsu).The will of heavens and the earth does not allow immorality to last long.
The political scandal concernig the concession of national land at a political price and the false “under control”,
assertion, will oblige the international community to reassure the safety of the Tokyo Olympic Games 2020.

Please allow me to count on your understanding and support.

Mitsuhei Murata
Former Ambassador to Switzerland

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