[ICAN] Norwegian activities for ICAN Global Week of Action

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From: Thea katrin Mjelstad
Date: 2017-02-08 22:31 GMT+09:00
Subject: [ICAN] Norwegian activities for ICAN Global Week of Action
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​Hi everyone,

First of all, we just want to say that the Thunderclap is a great idea and we’re trying to spread it as much as we can!

In Norway, we have some fun plans for the ICAN Global Week of Action. A lot of it is aimed at social media and to spread information about a nuclear weapon ban. These are the activities we have planned for the coming week:

We have worked together with a Norwegian illustrator who have made some really cool cartoons for ICAN to use on Facebook during the action week (and as we want after the week). We will post a new photo every day with information that is relevant for the photo. Quite many Norwegian youth NGOs and youth parties have agreed to use one of the cartoons as their Facebook cover during the Global Week of Action. We have already translated them into Spanish, English, French and Dutch (working on Swedish and German). If anyone wants them translated into another language, just send us the translation and we’ll fix it 🙂 You’ll find one of them below. Send us an email if you want to see them all.
We are making some short videos that we can spread at social media during the week, with different subjects and information.
We are arranging an event on the 15th of February, where we will show the documentary “Embracing Hiroshima”. The documentary follows a large cast of international dancers, singers and musicians on its journey across Japan to perform the piece “Will this moment ever let go?,” about the nuclear bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
And just to let you know, a very good article was posed recently by Agenda, a Norwegian think thank that focuses on Norwegian domestic politics and international affairs. The article concludes with saying that Norway as a NATO country can support a ban. Agenda is hosting an event about the article and the issue in general tonight with a panel of Grethe Østern (Norwegian Peoples Aid), Sveinung Rotevatn (Liberal Party) and Michale Tetzschner (Conservative Party).

We wish everyone good luck for the ICAN action week!

Anne Marte, Frode and Thea

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