Global week of action for a treaty banning nuclear weapons

The ICAN team via
3:02 PM (23 hours ago)

Dear friend,

In less than 8 weeks, negotiations of a treaty prohibiting nuclear weapons will start at the United Nations in New York. You can follow the preparations for the negotiating conference through our live blog here.

In order to rally governments to support the negotiations and to raise public awareness about the process to prohibit nuclear weapons, ICAN is organizing a global week of action on 10-17 February. During this week, ICAN campaigners around the world will organise events and activities.

And we want to make sure we start the week with as much noise as possible. We have therefore organised a Thunderclap, and we need your help with it!
Click here to join our Thunderclap
A Thunderclap is a way of organising that one single message can be mass-shared by people from all over the world on social media at the same time. We want to reach out to a huge audience with one important message at the start of our global week of action – nuclear weapons are a threat, and we’re going to ban them!

If you have a Facebook account, a Twitter account or a Tumblr account, you can participate in this action.
We need at least 500 people to participate in this action, so click on the link and sign up to let the world know that a treaty banning nuclear weapons is coming!

Last week, the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists moved the Doomsday Clock closer to midnight and said that the world has become more uncertain and dangerous.

Nuclear weapons are a huge threat to our humanity, and banning these weapons of mass destruction is not only more urgent than ever – but also feasible.

We will not leave the fate of our world to the whims of a few world leaders. We are grateful that you are a part of the movement that will make sure nuclear weapons are outlawed soon.

The ICAN team

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