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Here are a few recent items:

Resolved: To Find Peace Advocates in Every Nation

Talk Nation Radio: Richard Cahan on the Forced Removal and Incarceration of Japanese Americans

VIDEO: How Will Trump Wield Obama’s Modernized Nukes?

Yes, Dubya, Now I Miss You

Talk Nation Radio: Vincent Emanuele on Wars for Oil Companies; Robert Alvarez on Department of Energy for Nuclear Weapons

What Racist Registries Look Like

Monday Morning Bernie Backing

Think Politicians Are Trying to Scare You? You’re Not Paranoid.

AUDIO: Talking Trump Appointments (Starts at Minute 40:00)

VIDEO: Militarizing Police and a Policelike Military

VIDEO: CrossTalk: Mainstream’s Revenge

AUDIO: I was on Black Agenda Radio

Talk Nation Radio: Craig Murray: Russia Didn’t Do It; Vincent Emanuele on Stopping Pipelines and Wars

If Phil Ochs Were Alive, Though I’d Not Wish It on Him

BREAKING: The CIA Never Ever Lies

AUDIO: California Should Secede

Black and Foreign Lives Matter: Ending Gun Violence Requires Ending War

Military Recruiting in the United States, and Planning its Decline and Fall

Virginia’s Constitution Needs Improving

Talk Nation Radio: Chip Gibbons on Anti-Russia Committee and Censoring Criticism of Israel

AUDIO: I discuss the nomination of Mattis for Secretary of War War War

New Rogue Anti-Russia Committee Created in “Intelligence” Act

AUDIO: I discussed flag burning on Michael Slate show

Give Wes Bellamy a Break

VIDEO: The People’s Tribunal on the Iraq War

75 Years of Pearl Harbor Lies

Talk Nation Radio: George Lakey on Viking Economics

How I Produce Fake News for Russia

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