DAPL defeated at Standing Rock

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Victory at Standing Rock
BREAKING: Army Corps of Engineers DENIES permit for Dakota Access Pipeline. (Photo: NationofChange)
In an enormous victory for the Standing Rock water protectors, the Army Corps of Engineers has denied the permit for the Dakota Access pipeline route through Sioux lands.

The secretary of the Army Corps delivered the news to Standing Rock Sioux Chairman Dave Archambault II. The current route for the Dakota Access pipeline will be denied.

Archambault made a statement in response on Sunday:

“I am thankful there were some leaders in the federal government that realized something was not right even though it’s legal,” he said. “For the first time in history of Native Americans, they heard our voices. This is something that will go down in history and is a blessing for all indigenous people. I heard the army corp of engineers will not grant the easement and they will reroute. I would say that it is over.”

The proposed pipeline would have spanned 1,172 miles and crossed through Standing Rock land, including burial grounds, posing a threat to their culture and water supply.

Activists, including those from NationofChange, from all over the world have been camped with the Standing Rock water protectors for months in solidarity against the pipeline that would disrupt Sioux lands.

The water protectors have braved sub-zero temperatures as well as attacks from authorities that included water canons, confusion grenades, mace, and attack dogs.

Today marks a great victory, not just for the Standing Rock Sioux, but for oppressed people throughout our nation.

The future of the pipeline is still unclear, and water protectors are urged to remain in camp until it is known whether the companies behind the pipeline will push ahead with construction, despite the Army Corps’ denial of the permit.

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