BREAKING: Army Corps Denies DAPL Route

Nathan – Really American via
4:40 PM (17 hours ago)


All your efforts to help stop DAPL have finally paid off…

Click here to check out and share the awesome news that the Army Corp has finally denied the permit!

Today is a great victory for all Americans and you were a part of making it happen.

Thank you so much for caring enough to make a difference!

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​​​​​​​Nathan Mackenzie Brown
​​​​​​​Really ​​​​​​​American Founder
Really American is a PR firm that enables individuals to defend truth, democracy, social justice and the environment. Payments made to promote this petition to more people are not tax-deductible.

Really American was founded by Nathan Mackenzie Brown and Adriel Hampton when they saw a revolutionary movement forming in response to the corruption, fraud and lies within the US political system that Bernie Sanders exposed to the American public during the 2016 presidential primary.

Nathan is an online activist, internet marketing consultant, social entrepreneur, impact investor, and lives at Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage. He’s dedicated his life to living simply while using marketing science and strategic partnerships to help solve society’s biggest problems. If you would like to meet him and learn more about sustainable living you can apply for a visitor session at his ecovillage.

Nathan also works with causes, political campaigns and socially responsible businesses to increase their positive impact by growing their email audiences.

​​​​​​​Adriel is a technologist, entrepreneur and progressive activist. He’s focused on using technology to give more people a voice in the political process, and in 2009 ran for Congress on issues including single payer, ending interventionist wars, and making it easier for workers to unionize. Adriel is a member of the Chickasaw Nation, and lives in California. You can connect with him on Twitter, @adrielhampton.

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