How I Produce Fake News for Russia

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6:12 PM (4 hours ago)

Please read my response to the Washington Post’s labeling non-corporate viewpoints “Russian propaganda”:

How I Produce Fake News for Russia

While Russia has, in fact, failed to ever pay me a dime for anything, so — for the most part — have all the outlets I’ve written for that the Washington Post has smeared. I depend for my work on generous support from you. Please donate what you can.
Without your help I can’t produce Talk Nation Radio (free to any station, please recommend it to them), or maintain and Here are three recent TNR shows:

Greg Palast on Stripping 7 Million Voters from Rolls, Swinging Election

Jonathan Simon on How Machines May Have Counted Our Votes Wrong

Sonia Kennebeck on the Drone as National Bird
Without your help I can’t keep speaking at events like these:

Dec. 1 David Swanson speaking at the Iraq Tribunal in Washington DC. (Watch the livestream!)

Dec. 7 David Swanson at screening of National Bird at Naro Cinema in Norfolk Va.

Dec. 10 David Swanson speaking at summit on Gun Violence at American University in Washington DC.

Without your help I can’t keep doing interviews:
AUDIO: I discussed what else on connect the dots
AUDIO: I discussed elections and other catastrophes with Paulette Spencer on WBAI last night

Video: I debated US election today on Press TV

Without your help I can’t keep creating initiatives like this (please sign!):
To: Fatou Bensouda, Prosecutor for the International Criminal Court

People of the U.S. and World Ask ICC to Prosecute U.S. War Crimes: SIGN.

Without your help I can’t keep writing:
Top 10 Reasons This Year’s Nobel Peace Prize Events Will Feature Henry Kissinger

Solving Abusive International Relationships

James Mattis Is a Secretary of Offense

Dear Mr. Trump, About Your 29 Ideas

Registering Japanese Americans Is Precedent Only for Crime

Born on Home Plate

Michael Flynn Should Remember Truths He Blurted Out Last Year

Another $11.6 Billion for Obama/Trump Wars? Hell No!

John Heuer Was a Tremendous Advocate of Peace

The Skeletons in Keith Ellison’s Display Case

Now More Than Ever: Stand for Peace in Charlottesville

Un-Trump the World

Calexit Yes

Top 10 Election Problems

Armistice Day 98 Years On and the Need for a Peace to End All Wars

A Good Time to Review Bush’s War Crimes

Hurricane Donald and the Storms of Changing Climate

Now We Can Finally Get to Work

The US Wars No One is Talking About and Obama’s Foreign Policy Legacy

Post-Election To-Do List

How Drone Pilots Talk

What Could Unite a Larger Peace Movement? Oh, This!

I appreciate your support!

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