Message to President Bach of the IOC


バッハIOC 会長宛メッセージをお届けいたします。

IOC は under control 発言を放置し続けております。小池都知事に 不純の
P.S. で指摘しましたが総括原価方式の継続容認にも呆れます。



Dear Friends,

I am sending you my message addressed to President Bach of the IOC.
I have sent this message to Governor Yuriko Koike,reminding her
that the results of the investigation of the payment of a large amount of money
by the JOC through Dentsu are yet to be officially reported.
We are entering a new stage that could require a crisis management.
Please allow me to count on your understandin and support.

With warmest regards,
Mitsuhei Murata
Former Ambassador to Switzerland

(My message to President Bach sent on 24 November,2016)

Dear President Thomas Bach,

I am sending this message for your information.
The Tokyo Olympic Games is closely linked with the nuclear issue.
It plays down the gravity of the consequenses of Fukushima nuclear disaster.
The Japanese people have now clearly understood this link.

The decision of Vietnam to stop constructing two nuclear reactors
seems to be of great significance. Great Britain may face the similar
obstacles. Deepening meltdown of nuclear industries as asserted by an eminent expert ?

An influential weekly magazine “Shukan Gendai”(December 3)published
the attached article entitled “Governor Yuriko Koike could decide on
retreating from the Tokyo Olympic.”
Please just have a glance at it.
It is nothing but a surmise, but it helps to awaken the public opinion.
Two days ago, Asahi News Paper reported the publication of a book
“Anti- Tokyo Olympic Declaration”.

The erthquake and the subsequent tsunami in Fukuhima remind us of the huge mistake
to have constructed 54 nuclear reactors in Japan.
The remedy is obvious and needs urgent action.

Dentsu is envolved in publicity promoting nuclear reactors since three and half years ago. .
The public is extremely critical about it.
The results of the ongoing investigation about Dentsu’s mismanagement of its working system
are awaited with great interest.

With highest regards,
Mitsuhei Murata

P.S. In my message sent to you on 18 July,2016, I wrote;

“In the book review of ”The propaganda of nuclear reactors”(Iwanami Shinsho) published in the Asahi News Paper of 10 July,a surprising fact is revealed.Two major advertising companies,the Dentsu Group and the Hakuhoudou had spent more than 2 trillion 400 billion yen to promote nuclear reactors prior to 3・11Fukushima Accident.The propaganda restarted around March,2013,and is diffusing a ” myth of security”,minimizing the dangers of radiation.The infamous accounting system (soukatsu genka houshiki)is still allowed to persist and allows the accumulation of benefits defined as a given percentage of the costs!
The higher the cost, the bigher the benefit !
This system is the source of the promotion of nuclear reactors.
The impact of this book is beyond imagination.”


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