Of All the Opinions I’ve Heard on Syria

David Swanson via WarIsACrime.org david@davidswanson.org via sg.actionnetwork.org
9:01 AM (6 hours ago)

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VIDEO: We Can End War – David Swanson in Fairbanks, Alaska, October 22, 2016

Of All the Opinions I’ve Heard on Syria

Halloween Is Coming, Vladimir Putin Isn’t

Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail


Talk Nation Radio: Emily Johnston and Annette Klapstein on why they shut down pipelines

Don’t Imprison Amy Goodman for Journalism

Will the Gulf of Tonkin Fit into the Red Sea?

What Hillary Clinton Privately Told Goldman Sachs

Debate on “Is War Ever Necessary?”

White Helmets More Gray

Audio: I discussed Yemen on Radio Sputnik

Video of Debate: “Is War Necessary?”

Don’t Unsubscribe from War Profiteer Press Releases, Publish and Improve Them

What Police Videos Teach Us About Wars

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